May 29, 2001 Vol. V, No. 17

Honored Faculty Reception and Awards Ceremony

Cal State Northridge's Annual Honored Faculty Reception was held Thursday, May 17, in the Grand Salon of the University Student Union. The breakfast program-sponsored by CSUN President Jolene Koester and the California Faculty Association-honored newly designated emeritus and long-serving 25-year faculty members, and this year's recipients of individual awards. The ceremony was conducted by President Koester, Provost Louanne Kennedy and Faculty President Diane Schwartz.

Emeritus Faculty

David Anderson, English
Shirley Anderson, Marketing
Michael Auer, Educational Psychology & Counseling
Liucija Baskauskas, Anthropology
Augusto Britton Del Rio, Educational Psychology & Counseling
Verne Bryant, Pan-African Studies
Dwight Call, Accounting & MIS
Marvin Chernoff, Educational Psychology & Counseling
James Dennis, Pan-African Studies
Ronald Doctor, Psychology
Donald Dorsey, Educational Psychology & Counseling
David Elder, Art
Richard Falk, Theatre
Linda Fidell, Psychology
Alvin Ford, Modern & Classical Languages & Lit.
Lary Gibson, English
Elmer Heerema Music
Margaret Holzer, Chemistry
Jeanine Jacobson, Music
Daniel Kessner, Music
Robert Kiddoo, Accounting & MIS
William Kimball, Accounting & MIS
Gerard Knieter, Music
Shao-Ju-Lee, Management Science
Ants Leps, Radio-TV-Film
Gary Lobb, Geography
James McMartin, Psychology
Thomas McMillin, Art
Joseph Morris, Psychology
John Motil, Computer Science
Weston Nathanson, Mathematics
Bernard Nisenholz, Educational Psychology & Counseling
Thomas Potter, Elementary Education
Ronald Purcell, Music
Rosentine Bennett Purnell, Pan-African Studies
Todd Reinstein, Accounting & MIS
Barbara Rhodes, Pan-African Studies
Paulette Shafranski, Kinesiology
Richard Sharp, Elementary Education
Antonia Sims, Educational Leadership & Policy Studies
Christine H. Smith, Family Environmental Sciences
Mary Lee Sparling, Biology
Leonard Spunt, Civil & Manufacturing Engineering
Linda Stones, Music
Richard Streid, Kinesiology
Margaret Thompson, Educational Psychology & Counseling
James Torcivia, Psychology
I-Shou Wang, Geography

Emeritus Administrator

Delia Rudiger, President's Office

Faculty Completing 25 Years Service in the CSU System

Carol Docan, Business Law
Susan Henry, Journalism
Robert Kiddoo, Accounting & MIS
Michael Kline, Health Sciences
Leonard Rymsza, Business Law
Jack Winkelman, Health Sciences

Faculty Completing 25 Years Lecturer Service at CSUN

Sandra Bostrom-Aguado, Music
James Elias, Sociology
Glen Garrett, Music
Phyllis Herman, Religious Studies
Roy Poper, Music
Jacqueline Salas, Music
John (Li) Schroeder, Philosophy and Kinesiology
Judith Scott, Music
William Tomlinson, Philosophy
William Wallis, Political Science

Distinguished Teaching, Librarianship and Counseling Awards

Steven Bourque, History
Penelope Jennings, Business Law
Gerald Prescott, History

Visionary Community Service Learning Award

Kathryn Sorrells, Communication Studies

Extraordinary Service Award

Herman DeBose, Sociology

Exceptional Creativity Accomplishment Award

Daniel Kessner, Music

Outstanding Achievement in Equity and Diversity Award

Debra Chen, Special Education

Vice President of the Faculty for 2001-2002 Term

Michael Neubauer, Mathematics

Secretary-Treasurer of the Faculty for the 2001-2002 Term

Michael Barrett, Reference Librarian

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