May 29, 2001 Vol. V, No. 17

CSUN at Channel Islands Hosts Student Awards Ceremony

More Than 80 Students Earn Scholarships and Special Recognition

CSUN at Channel Islands held its second annual student awards ceremony on Thursday, May 10, honoring more than 80 students who earned scholarships and various awards.

Stephen Lefevre, director of the CSU Northridge at Channel Islands program, welcomed guests and introduced the ceremony's keynote speaker, attorney Carmen Ramirez, a coordinator for the Ventura Superior Court's Self-Help Legal Access Center.

Ramirez was president of the Ventura County Bar Association in 1998, and remains active in several bar committees, including the Volunteer Lawyers Committee and the Public Education Committee. She also is active in the community and serves on the CSUN at Channel Islands Community Advisory Committee.

George Morten, student services coordinator for CSUN at Channel Islands, presented the top four students-those receiving a 3.9 or above GPAs with completion of at least 33 units of work in letter-graded courses-with certificates of exceptional academic achievement accompanied by monetary awards.

Certificates of outstanding academic achievement and bronze medals were presented by sociology professor Helen Meloy to 54 students who earned GPAs of 3.5 and above with completion of at least 33 units of work in letter-graded courses.

Maria de la luz Flores, an EOP academic advisor, presented 25 students with service and leadership awards honoring those who have made significant contributions to the community and the university. These students were selected based on their evaluations from their field supervisors.

Examples of service performed included working with the Boys & Girls Club, the RAIN project, in elementary education, with the Youth Authority, at the university, at outreach centers and recovery centers, softball leagues, the Port Hueneme Police Department, local churches and the Channel Islands Historical Association.

The Community Action Scholarship and the Citizens for Youth Scholarship were presented to Scott Groeneveld, a liberal studies major who earned a 3.69 GPA while at the Channel Islands campus.

The Community Action Scholarship, $500 funded from community donations, was given for the first time this year. The purpose of the scholarship is to recognize and promote student leadership and community involvement.

The Citizens for Youth Scholarship is given to a deserving student who attended Ventura County high schools. The scholarship encourages student participation in programs that strengthen the campus or the local community.

The CSUN Community Advisory Board Scholarship was awarded to Stephanie Grabow, a liberal studies major with an option in history. The scholarship, with a $500 value, was launched in fall 2000 to promote student leadership in the community.

The Dorothy L. Huston Scholarship was awarded to Greta Mitzova-Vladinov, a nursing program student. The scholarship is awarded to a student who showed academic excellence while pursuing a career in nursing or the patient care profession.

A special award was given to Jerry Gillespie, a volunteer from the Student Services Department. Gillespie is a volunteer tutor in math and statistics with a background in physics. He has volunteered for three semesters and given more than 100 tutoring hours in these most challenging disciplines.

Exceptional Academic Achievement
Sandra Cavallo
Laura Eve Newman
Elizabeth Yeider
Denise Zufelt

Outstanding Academic Achievement
Tiffany Armas
Carolynn Arnot
Judy Barrios
Tanya Benson
Katrina Bernasconi
Erica Blackwell
Kevin Brown
Robert Buenrostro
Kathleen Callahan
Erashel Centeno
Carlos Covarrubias
Daniel Crespo
Teresa Eddy
Margaret Eggleston
Dani Espinosa
Barbara Goldenson
Heather Guss
Teresa Halverson
Sarah Heston
Cheryl Jacobson
Dee Jenkins
Summer Johnson
Vanessa Kellerman
DaNell Lagomarsino
Heather Larson
Jenny Leland
Jaime Lenoski
Julie Lico
Deborah Manders
Amber McPherson
Heather Moe
Claudia Moore
Elizabeth O'Boyle
Martha Palomares
Matthew Pescador
Janice Peyton
Belinda Poore
Dana Purcell
Aundrea L. Roberts
Brandi Rogenmoser
Karen Sanchez
Mari Schuck
Jenne Simental
Francine Smith
John Smith
Rachel Spero
Michele Stierlin
Kathleen Taillon
Kyla Tams
Patsy Thompson
Candace Webb
Blanca Wiggins
Jennifer Wissusik

Service and Leadership
Erica Alvarez
Carrie Austin
Monica Elizabeth Barragan
Tara Noel Bartolone
Lori Camp
Aurora Diaz
Lydia Diaz
Mahala Fortner
Jayne Garcia
Mariela L. Gonzales
Bryan Gosser
Stephanie Grabow
Scott Groeneveld
Jaime Lenoski
Megan Miller
Jeana Morelli
Norma Noriega
Irleen Oden
Regina Lynn Olsen
Aundrea L. Roberts
Diana Simental
Deborah Sims
Francine Smith
Lisa Stasiak
Candace Webb

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