May 29, 2001 Vol. V, No. 17



Steven Loy and Ben Yaspelkis (Kinesiology)had their article titled "Health and Fitness: A Question of Lifestyle?" published in ACSM Health and Fitness Journal, vol. 5, January/February 2001 issue, pp.15-19.

Amir Hussain (Religious Studies)has had two articles published: "Apocalyptic Visions" in the Journal of Religion and Film, Vol. 4, No.1, and "Notes on the Islamic Calendar" in ARC, Vol. 28, 2000.

Mary Sayles (English)published an article titled "Choose Children Only If You Choose to Take Care of Them" on March 18 in the Valley Edition of the Los Angeles Times. She also presented her paper "The Spirit of Things: Consumerism as a Religious Alternative in Late Victorian England" at the Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery conference in Colorado Springs.

Matthew Radmanesh (Electrical & Computer Engineering)had his book titled "Radio Frequency and Microwave Electronics Illustrated" published by Prentice Hall in January 2001.

Donna Harpster and John Wayne Plasek (Sociology)had a paper titled "Serving Needs of Immigrants to the United States: A Case Study of Child Development Resources of Ventura County, California," published in Actas del II y III, Colloquios Internacionales, La Frontera: Una Nueva Concepcion Cultural, Ruben Sandoval, ed.

Cynthia Desrochers (Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching)had an article titled "Establishing Expectations for Our Students," published in The National Teaching & Learning Forum, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2000.

James Elias, Herman Rodriguez and Veronica Diehl Elias (Sociology)had a paper titled Los Papeles que cambian entre individuos y parejas que cruzan la frontera de America Latina a Los Estados Unidos: los motivos, alcultaracion, y los papeles del genero, published in Actas del II y III, Colloquios Internacionales, La Frontera: Una Nueva Concepcion Cultural, Ruben Sandoval, ed.

Jack Solomon (English)had his 23rd column titled "The Pop Culture Scene Appears to be Going Primitive" published in the Valley Edition of the Los Angeles Times on February 25.

Barbara Kroll (English)had her article titled "The Composition of a Life in Composition" published in the collection "On Second Language Writing" by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. This essay had also been published in Odense Working Papers in Language and Communication (Denmark) in January 2001.

Jack Lopez (English)had his short story collection "Snapping Lines" published by the University of Arizona Press. He also gave a reading at CSU Fullerton on January 11.

Donald Hall (English)had his review essay on Anthony Giddens and the usefulness of Gidden's theories in the analysis of Victorian literature and culture published in the fall 2000 issue of "Victorian Poetry."

George Uba (English)had his essay titled "Coordinates of Asian American Poetry: A Survey of the History and a Guide to Teaching" published as a chapter in "Resource Guide for Asian American Literature," edited by Stephen H. Sumida and Sau-ling Cynthia Wong, pp. 239-259.

Noah Blaustein (English)had his edited anthology titled "Motion: American Sports Poems" published with the University of Iowa Press. The Los Angeles Times Book Review reprinted a poem from this anthology in April. He also published a book review in Pleiades and gave a reading from his new book at the AWP conference in Palm Springs.

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology)had Volume VI of the Journal of Student Research Abstracts published by Pearson Education, Boston, MA, 71 pages. He also co-authored a poster paper with five students titled "Specificity of Cell Binding to Derivatized Agarose Beads". The paper was presented by his students at the 40th annual national meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology on December 10. An abstract of the paper was published in Molecular Biology of the Cell, vol. 11, p. 107a, December 2000.

David Miller (Chemistry)presented a paper "Surface Cleaning: Quantitative Study of Gel Residue on Cleaned Paint Surfaces" at the International Institute for Conservation Conference in Melbourne, Oct. 10-14, 2000. The paper also has been published in the International Institute for Conservation's "Tradition and Innovation: Advances in Conservation" proceedings of the Melbourne Congress.

George Uba (English)presented a paper "Contesting the Dance Floor: Asian Pacific Ballroom Dancing as Transnational and Postcolonial Site" at the Association for Asian American Studies National Conference in Toronto, Canada. He also moderated the discussion for the panel "Literary Orientalisms and Postcoloniality."

Rick Mitchell (English)presented a paper titled "Laughing Like Crazy: Performing Comedy with/for People with Mental Illness" at the seventh annual Performance Studies International Conference in Mainz, Germany on March 30. He also served as a panelist at the Augusto Boal/ Theatre of the Oppressed/Applied Theatre Arts Symposium at USC.

Harry Gamboa Jr. (Chicano/a Studies)presented his conceptual multimedia performance "Spatial Dialogues" at the Getty Center in January.

Irene Clark (English)presented a paper titled "Is Everything an Argument? A Genre Approach to Argumentation in the Writing Class" at the CCCC in Denver.

Sheryl Thompson (English)and Margaret Fieweger (Undergraduate Studies)presented "Freshman Writing, An Online Symphony of Multiple Perspectives" at the 2001 American Association for Higher Education National Conference in Washington, D.C. on March 27.

Jackie Stallcup (English)presented her paper titled "Shrinking Kids Down to Size: Adult Surveillance and Children's Autonomy," and chaired the panel on "Surveillance in Children's Literature" at the MLA convention in Washington, D.C. She was also elected by the Children's Literature Division as an alternate for the MLA representatives.

Irene Clark (English)gave a workshop titled "The Role of the Introduction in the Doctoral Dissertation" at Temple University. She also gave a brown bag lunch on "Mid-Semester Evaluations."

Gale Larson (English)chaired an international panel on "The Status of Bernard Shaw in Academe, Theatre, and Elsewhere" at the Shaw Conference "Brave New World" at Marquette University from April 18-22.

Fred Field (English)presented a paper titled "Second-Language Acquisition and Creolization" at the Third International Symposium on Bilingualism at the University of the West at Bristol, England on April 18. He also presented a modified version of the same paper titled "Pidgins: Their Nature and Significance," at a workshop at the University of Westminster, London.

Rick Mitchell (English)presented a paper titled "The Playwright as Auteur" at the Mid-America Theatre Conference in Chicago on March 10.

Kimmerly Brady, Marty Sayles and Anna Tripp (English)conducted workshops for the Young Black Scholars program at CSUN on March 3.

Sabina Magliocco (Anthropology)and Tara Carter, Maria Teresa Fiumerodo, Matthew Kerchner (graduate students)presented papers at the annual meeting of the California Folklore Society on April 21. Magliocco's paper was titled "Tracing the Ways of the Strega: the Construction of Italian-American Witchcraft."

Steven Oppenheimer (Biology)was interviewed on Channel 13 on January 9 expressing concerns about the "toilet to tap program" that will supplement Los Angeles' water supply. He also presented together with his students four poster papers titled "ph Effects Sea Urchin Fertilization," Amino Acid Inhibitors of Immobilized Concanvalin A-Cell Binding," "Lens Culinaris Agglutinin Causes Exogastrulation in the Sea Urchin Lytechinus Pictus," and "A Method for Analysis of Human Cancer Cell Surfaces Using Derivatized Agarose Beads," at Experimental Biology 2001 in Orlando, Florida in April. These papers co-authored by 24 CSUN students and one K-12 teacher were published in The FASEB Journal, vol. 15, pp. 717, A179, A871 and A819 respectively in abstract form.

Gordon Nakagawa (Equity & Diversity)served as panelist at the forum held by the San Fernando Valley Hate Crime Alliance on March 1.

Maya Thaman (Chemistry)presented a poster on her research in a national competition of undergraduate students in Washington, D.C. on March 29.

Debra Hammond and Arna Fulcher (University Student Union)presented two workshops at the Jan. 7-10, 2001 Auxiliary Organization Association (AOA) Conference in Monterey, California.

Eric Edson, Jon Stahl and Thelma Vickroy (Radio-Television-Film)presented a panel titled "The Streaming Future is Now: Teaching Writers the Short Narrative Script," at the 46th annual convention of the Broadcast Education Association on April 21 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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