March 26, 2001 Vol. V, No. 13

Staff Service Recognition Awards Recipients

The Cal State Northridge Staff Service Recognition Awards Ceremony will be held Monday, May 7 to recognize staff employees' dedicated service to the university. The awards are given in five-year service increments. Please review the following list of recipients to be honored.

If you believe your years of service should be recognized and your name does not appear on the list, contact Cathy Salazar, Office of Human Resource Services at x2119, no later than April 2.

For all award recipients, your name will appear on your award as listed below unless you notify Cathy Salazar, x2119, of any changes prior to the April 2 deadline.


Paulette R. Avila, Extended Learning
Patricia Hollenbeck, Media Library
Alan MacDonald, Physical Plant Management
Kathleen Ogle, Admissions and Records
Robert T. Park, College of Science & Mathematics
Jose Luis Vargas, Educational Oppor Prog


Floyd W. Anscombe, Student Health Center
Lee R. Brautman, Student Health Center
Marilyn A. Brown, Residential Life & Conference Svcs
Richard L. Chao, Biology
Karen E. Clark, Purchasing & Logis Svs
Theresa M. Dunn, Geological Science
Lucinda Gobble, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Myron L. Hawthorne, College of Science & Mathematics
Alan G. MacDonald, Physical Plant Management
Marta M. McDonough-Anderson, College of Education
Jane E. McIntyre, Department of Art
Robert W. Ortego, Student Health Center
Judith S. Reyes, Accounts Payable
Roland M. Simon, Physical Plant Management
Michael L. Swift, Geography
Nina R. Treiman, National Ctr on Deafness
Tyrone H. Villenave, University Library


Suzy Babikan, Admissions and Records
Robert L. Barker, University Controller's Office
Larry L. Billingslea, Physical Plant Management
Carolina L. Borella, University Student Union
Sally B. Brenneman, University Library
Ann Burroughs, Department of Theatre
Arnold Chinn, University Library
Monica Y. Cuthbert, Student Health Center
Judy Dickenson, University Corporation
Steven Dove, Physical Plant Management
Daniel P. Duran, Center on Disabilities
Tony Hillbruner, Information Technology Resources
Barbara C. Hlinka, Institutional Research
Leah B. Holzman, Provost & VP of Aca Affrs
Julia M. Johnson, Physical Plant Management
Shirly Lang, University Corporation
Rodger B. MacGowan, Information Technology Resources
Laurie A. Martin, Student Health Center
Stephen H. Montgomery, Human Resource Services
Marcia G. Rea, Special Education
Ilene N. Rubenstein, Learning Resource Center
Ludim T. Seja, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Marcella A. Tyler, Extended Learning
Anthony Webb, Information Technology Resources
Theodore D. Zebelle, Physical Plant Management
Linda J. Zeilinger, Accounts Payable


Cristina L. Actis-Purtee, Information Technology Resources
William H. Belcher, Physical Plant Management
Gary L. Brotz, Public Safety
Noel B. Buena, CSUN at Channel Island
Jay C. Carrigan, Residential Life & Conference Svcs
Karin Castillo, Advise Ctr/Ed Eqty-Hum
Gary A. Chacon, Physical Plant Management
Leta G. Chow, Psychology
Hector Cuevas, Physical Plant Management
Robin A. Downes, Admissions and Records
Alicia Escobar-Obbink, College of Arts, Media & Communication
Valerie S. Fair, Physical Plant Management
Scott A. Gadde, Physical Plant Management
Jean E. Granillo, University Cash Services
Patricia D. Hackl, Information Technology Resources
Masae M. Hanson, Quickcopies/Reprographics
Patricia R. Lord, Admissions and Records
Gregory W. Nicols, Information Technology Resources
Maralyn G. Parker, College of Arts, Media & Communication
Susan Scott, Geography
Maureen T. Shideh, Facilities Planning
Marcia Shimmer, Chemistry
Gennaro J. Siano III, College of Engr & Comp Sci
Jose D. Sors, Physical Plant Management
Rueyling Tsay, University Library
Lili C. Vidal, Financial Aid Office
Michael White, Physical Plant Management


Patrick Aguirre, Student Outreach & Recruitment
Larry Arbino, College of Arts, Media & Communication
Nancy R. Bernstein, English
Joyce L. Bruckner, University Cash Services
Janet P. Carey, Department of Music
Man Li Chen, Physical Plant Management
Jenny H.C. Chou, College of Science & Mathematics
MaryAnn Cummins Prager, Off VP Student Affairs
Phyllis Delgado, University Corporation
Rayetta C. Esquibel, Public Relations
Maria DeLaLuz Flores, CSUN at Channel Island
Claudia M. Garcia, College of Business Admin & Econ
Judith J. Gomez, Geography
Joan R. Hall, Equity & Diversity
Allisun Kale, National Ctr on Deafness
Elizabeth Kioussis, University Corporation
William Kupfer, Environmental Health & Occ Safety
James Licano, University Postal Servs
James L. Logsdon, Physical Plant Management
Caroline G. Miranda, Extended Learning
Ronald C. Osgood, Physical Plant Management
Scott L. Perez, Grad Stu, Res & Intl Prog
Jesus G. Pimentel, Information Technology Resources
Robert E. Richards, Center on Disabilities
Irene M. Rivera, Faculty Affairs
Eric G. Sletten, Student Health Center
Raymond Solis, Student Health Center
Elizabeth Soto, University Corporation
Iraneide D. Sun, College of Education
Eva Wahlroos, Psychology
Barbara J. Wetherby, University Development
Susan E. Widelitz, Govt & Community Rels
Gregory T. Wolfe, College of Social & Behavioral Science
Gregory T. Wolfe, Ed Psych & Coun


Yolanda C Abundiz, Public Safety
Jodie K. Agnew-Navarro, College of Education
Maria Amaya, Physical Plant Management
Simin Bahmanyar, Extended Learning
Veena R. Bassinger, Extended Learning
Kirk D. Behnke, Center on Disabilities
Jason A. Billick, Academic Resources
Bobby F. Braswell, Intercollegiate Athletics
Michael D. Bryant, Dept of Radio-TV-Film
Maryann Camarillo, University Corporation
John F. Chandler, Public Relations
Linda D. Colburn, Information Technology Resources
Doretta L. Crawford, Office of the President
Maria R. Cuevas, CSUN at Channel Island
Art DeAro, Physical Plant Management
Rasmita A. Dhruv, Psychology
Colin J. Donahue, Facilities Planning
Joyclyn D. Dunham, University Library
Robert L. Eafford, Admissions and Records
Joyce A. Feucht-Haviar, Extended Learning
William V. Flores, College of Social & Behavioral Science
Sherie K. Frame, Human Resource Services
Jeffrey A. France, Physical Plant Management
Carlos Garcia, Physical Plant Management
Philip M. Gin, Residential Life & Conference Svcs
Richard M. Gomula, Physical Plant Management
Ann Marie Gonzalez, Physical Plant Management
Jina Gonzalez, Educational Oppor Prog
Manuel Gonzalez Jr., Information Technology Resources
Ernie J. Granillo, Physical Plant Management
Ralph Grant, Physical Plant Management
Emil P. Henry, College of Engr & Com Sci
Hildo Hernandez, Physical Plant Management
Lyle S. Herring, Student Outreach & Recruitment
James N. Hogue, Biology
Jenny Hsing, Physical Plant Management
Valerie Hughes, Physical Plant Management
Jeri L. Johnson, Information Technology Resources
George A. Johnson Jr., Dept of Radio- TV-Film
Vena R. Jordan, Public Safety
Radmila Jovicic, Child Development
Judith L. Landy, University Development
Andrew S. Leyva, Residential Life & Conference Svcs
Isaac Lopez, Physical Plant Management
David Lopez, Physical Plant Management
Mario Lopez, College of Health & Human Development
Adam B. Macias, Physical Plant Management
Diane Madjid, Center on Disabilities
Yolanda Marsano, Physical Plant Management
Renee M. Martinez, College of Engr & CompSci
Amy A. Matsubara, Institutional Research
Cheryle A. McClelland, Comm Disorders & Science
Anselmo Medrano, University Corporation
Wilfredo S. Miranda, University Controller's Office
James E. Moore, Information Technology Resources
Lorenzo Morales, Physical Plant Management
Miguel F. Moreno, Residential Life & Conference Svcs
Rubidia Moriera, University Corporation
George Morten, CSUN at Channel Island
Judy E. Nelson, University Corporation
Tuyen Nguyen, Physical Plant Management
Ronald T. Nguyen, Institutional Research
Guadelupe Nunez, Physical Plant Management
Ardis A. Oliver, Purchasing & Logis Svs
Janice S. Olsen, College of Social & Behavioral Science
Elizabeth C. Olson, Admissions and Records
Cathy R. Perez, University Cash Services
E.Lehuanani Phillips, National Ctr on Deafness
Lidia Portillo, Physical Plant Management
Marta Rezvani-Lopez, Student Dev & Intl Prog
Graciela P. Robles, Physical Plant Management
Felix Rodriguez, Physical Plant Management
Melinda J. Rose, Human Resource Services
Guadalupe S. Roth, Financial Aid Office
Mark T. Sakata, Center on Disabilities
Neida Salazar-Velazquez, Department of Art
Janet L. Sennewald, University Development
Nong H. Simon, University Library
Susan D. Snyder, Systems and Technology
Gerald G. Sumandra, Information Technology Resources
Rika Toyama Gaines, Extended Learning
William S. Trask, Information Technology Resources
James S. Urie, Public Safety
Jason R. Vargas, Learning Resource Center
Grace A. Yuvienco, University Controller's Office

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