Washington State
International Kite Festival

One of our all-time favorite kite festivals has to be WSIKF held in Long Beach, Washington, the third full week in August.
We have become "hooked" on this fabulous week long kiting event. There is something happening everyday, so there's never a dull moment! Below you can read about the last two Festivals we have attended (these reports have appeared on the REC.KITES newsgroup).

Visit more sites on WSIKF by "clicking" on the Kites Below.

Fighter Kite Events Scheduled for the 1999 WSIKF 
General Schedule for the 21st Annual WSIKF - August 2002. 
Visit the "Live Clam Cam" to see the beach where this festival happens. 
Make sure to check back during the week of the festival to experience the sights for yourself.
World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame, located in Long Beach, WA.
Visit KiteLife.com, the new online kite magazine to see photos from the 1999 festival (Sept./Oct. '99 issue), 1998 festival (Sept.'98 issue).
Brian Johnsen's reports which were posted on REC.KITES. Plus Photos in the NFKA section 
(Hint: Tug (click) on the line coming off the Indian reel for the WSIKF reports; Click on the Indian Kite to see Brian's archival postings to the newsgroup.) 
Joanne Petithory and Lee Thrall's Kite Site includes a section of photos from WSIKF.
Once Upon A Breeze Kite Store located on the Oregon Coast
Website for the Long Beach, WA Visitors Bureau. Highly informative site, includes listings of Local Businesses, Lodgings, Events, etc. 

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