Visit to Toronto, Canada 

and the Spitfire Fighter Club's Monthly Fly

Sunday, June 13, 2004
Winston Churchill Park
Spadina & St. Claire

The Pizza's here!  [Photo from d.i.]
Johnny arrives at the park

We were going to be in Toronto for Johnny's sister's wedding and found out that there was a monthly fly at Churchill Park on Sunday.

Johnny managed to take his pizza box (filled with several fighters)
along with his tux in a suit bag, right on the plane -- no problems (the stewardess hung the bag in 1st class for the trip...lucky kites!)

We were exhausted after Saturday's wedding and reception (we left the reception at 2 am.). Sunday morning we went for Chinese dim sum for our  niece's 1 Month birthday; then drove to the park to find the Toronto Spitfire group.

Dennis said: "Now I know why you two kept your sunglasses on!!!
We can't see those "tired" eyes!!" LOL VBG
"Just those California grins!!" ;)

Browsing thru kite boxes

Kites on the Kite

Norm shows Johnny a new indoor fighter kite.

The Nano Photon Fighter Kite by Tim Elverston
of WindFire Designs

Pierre Garigue and Johnny. CN Tower in the distance.

Caught in the action. [Photo from d.i.]


L-R: Norm, Gina, Charles, Dennis, Pierre and Johnny. [Photo by Arlene Ische]

Norm is flying a kite with one of his home-made yo-yo-like reels. It's made from a margarine tub and an extra lid.

We had a great time sunday afternoon at Churchill Park.  
What a Great bunch of guys!

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