Fighter Kite Champions


WSIKF 2004
Novice Line Touch
1st - Kevin Winn
2nd - Riley Abel
3rd - Ralph Resnick
Senior Skills
1st - Paul Peters
2nd - Bruce Lambert
3rd - Scott Bogue
Senior Ballet
1st - Richard Hurd
6th Annual Buka Challenge
1st-Steve Bateman
2nd - Johnny Hsiung
3rd - Dennis Crowley
4th Annual Line Touch
Fighter Kite World Cup
(in alpha order)
1st - Steve Bateman, Johnny Hsiung,
Bruce Lambert, Chuck Lund,
Woody Woods
1st Annual Manjha Challenge
1st - Gopal Das
2nd - Asiz Zaheer
3rd - Eric Johnson
Kite Building Comps
Novice Level
1st - Scott Bogue
2nd - Paul Peters
3rd - Ed Haynes
Journeyman Level
1st - Richard Hurd
Masterbuilder Level
1st - Chuck Lund
Kahuna Level
1st - Steve Bateman

19th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival
Santa Barbara, CA  Mar.  2004
Manjha Competition
Johnny Hsiung - 1st
Basir Beria - 2nd

NAFKA's 3rd Annual WinterFunSunFighterFly
Tucson, Arizona Feb. 2004

1st Steve Bateman
2nd - Johnny Hsiung
3rd - Scott Bogue


2003 AKA Convention
Dayton, Ohio -  S
ept. 29 - Oct 4
Novice Skills
1st Vaino Roun
2nd Robbie Walker
3rd Jerry Conway
Novice Line Touch
1st Larry Stiles
2nd Cat Gabrel
3rd Jeremy Johansen
Experienced Skills
1st Woody Woods
2nd Jay Mas
3rd Bruce Jarvie
Experienced Line Touch
1st Pierre Gregorie
2nd Normand Girard
3rd Terry McPherson
1st Woody Woods
2nd Jeff Gamby
3rd Gordon Schmidt

Cleveland Kite Festival
Cleveland, Ohio,  Sept. 13-14, 2003

Fighter Kite competition
1st: Carl Anderson
2nd: Bill Shuemacher
3rd: Donn Nottage

WSIKF 2003
Skills  Class A    
1st: Steve Bateman
2nd: Bruce Lambert
3rd:  Chuck Lund
Skills Class B
1st:  Jay Maas
2nd: Woody Woods
3rd:  Doody Boudin
1st:  Chuck Lund
2nd:  Bruce Lambert
3rd:   Terry McPherson
Novice Line Touch
1st:  Kellen Abel
2nd: Nancy Bogue
3rd:  Ryan Jonas
4th:  Mathew Spencer 

5th Annual Buka Challenge
1st:  Steve Bateman
2nd: Bruce Lambert
3rd: Steve Childers
4th: Gopal Das
5th: Tom Humphrey
6th: Scott Bogue
3rd Annual Shortline Fighter Kite World Cup
1st:  Bruce Lambert
2nd: Steve Bateman
3rd: Chuck Lund
4th: Johnny Hsiung
5th: Steve Childers
6th: Dennis Crowley

    Berkeley West Coast Championships
July 2003
1st - Jay Bell 
2nd - Laurent Moll
3rd - Sharon Champie

    North American Fighterkite Cup
Newport, RI,  July 19-20, 2003

 Mike Coons (1st)
Pierre Gregoire (2nd)
Robert (Woody) Woods (3rd)

Fighter Comp. at Michigan Sport Kite Classic
 Brownstown,MI, June 7-8, 2003

Tom "Buka" Brailey (1st)
"Wild "Bill "Kitenut" Shumacher (2nd)
Carl Gumby" Anderson  (3rd)

Wildwood Fighter Kite Competition
May 2003
Novice  Line Touch
Joe Wells (1st)
Charles Stewart (2nd)
Todd Little (3rd)
Experienced Line Touch
Pierre Gregoire (1st)
Andy Selzer (2nd)
John Rose (3rd)
Novice Skills
Dave Archer (1st)
Todd Little (2nd)
Mark Selzer (3rd)
Experienced Skills
John Rose (1st)
Normand Girard (2nd)
Pierre Gregoire (2nd)
Andy Selzer (3rd)
Buka Challenge
Andy Selzer (1st)
Pierre Gregoire (2nd)
Chris Mears (3rd)

MAFKC 2003
Grand Haven,MI May 17-18th, 2003
Line Touch
Carl Anderson (1st)
Ken Blain (2nd)
Bill Schumacher (3rd)
Tom Brailey (1st)
Terry McPherson (2nd)
Jim Gibson  (3rd)

Ocean City, Md   Apr. 27, 2003
Novice  Line Touch
Experienced Line Touch
Lattie Smart (1st)
Nate Clauser (2nd)
Jim Davis (3rd)
Andrew Selzer (1st)
Mike Van Meers (2nd)
Mike Dallmer Jr. (3rd)
Ed Shenk (4th)

18th Annual Santa Barbara Kite Festival
Santa Barbara, CA  Mar. 16, 2003
Manjha Competition
Johnny Hsiung - 1st

NFKA's 2nd Annual WinterFunSunFighterFly
Tucson, Arizona - February 15-16, 2003

Stafford Standoff
Johnny Hsiung - 1st
Steve Bateman - 2nd
Jay Bell - 3rd
2 min. Time limit
Johnny knocked off 8 cups
Steve knocked off 7 cups


Novice            Experienced
1st - Jeanette Mandanas     1st - Brian Johnsen
2nd - Chris Lund                  2nd - Joe Vaughan
3rd - Richard Hurd                3rd - Gerry Reidel

Dieppe  '98
1st World Challenge of Fighter Kites
1st -  Akiat  - Indonesia
          2nd - Philippe Reval  - France
      3rd - Alan Lim  - Singapore
           4th - Masrur Ali Sayed  - India

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Fighter competition '98
1st - Jim Picket
        2nd - Bryan Leonard
         3rd - Anthony Mittas

Chicago Skyliners Kite Club '98
Beginners            Advanced
       1st - Richard Brumleve          1st - Mike Steele
         2nd - Ken Le Feure               2nd Nelson Borelli
      3rd  - Pam Hodges               3rd - Jan Winkel
  Beginners              Advanced
   1st - Pam Hodges                    1st - Richard Gareau
 2nd - Richard Brumleve             2nd - Nelson Borelli
3rd - Ken Le Feure                    3rd - Bruce Jarvie

 Ocean Shores Kite Festival '98
1st - Dennis Crowley
 2nd  - Brian Johnsen
 3rd - Jeff MacInnis

Santa Barbara Kite Festival '98
Cutting Line Competition
1st - Johnny Hsiung

 1st - Johnny Hsiung
2nd - Jeff MacInnis
 3rd - Bruce Lambert
Buka Fighter:  1st - Bruce Lambert
   Hot Dog (12" Size limit): 1st - Johnny Hsiung
1st - Chuck Lund
2nd - Howard Gordon
3rd - Bruce Lambert

AKA Convention '97 - Wildwood
1st - Richard Gareau
2nd - Bruce Jarvie
3rd - Peter Lee
F.Q.C.V.  '97 (Montreal, Canada)
1st - Nomand MacDonald
2nd - Gilles Lehoux
3rd - Paul Labreche

SkyCircus Kite Festival '97 (Chicago)
Beginners           Advanced
 1st - Jane Iko                        1st - Bruce Jarvie
   2nd - Pam Hodges                 2nd - Nelson Borelli
        3rd - Ken Gould                     3rd - Terry McPherson
Beginners               Advanced
1st -  Ken Blain                       1st - Bruce Jarvie
     2nd - Pam Hodges                   2nd - Nelson Borelli
3rd - Bill Grice                        3rd - Russ Faulk

US Air Force Museum Kite Fest '97
1st - Jeff Gondee
2nd - Bruce Jarvie
3rd - Mike Steele

Wildwood '97
       1st - Richard Gareau
2nd - Peter Lee
  3rd - Gerry Reidel

1st - Richard Gareau
2nd - Gopal Das
3rd - Johnny Hsiung

Washington State Stunt Kite Championship
Fighter Competition '97
1st - Bruce Lambert
2nd - Dennis Crowley
3rd - Brian Johnsen

AKA Convention '96 - Santa Monica
1st - Johnny Hsiung
 2nd - Richard Gareau
3rd - Brian Johnsen

SDKC Fighter Challenge '96
(San Diego Kite Club)
1st - Johnny Hsiung
2nd - Dan Willan

1st - Basir Beria
 2nd - Gophal Das
    3rd - Matthew Alden

New Year's Eve Day
Fighter Challege - San Diego Kite Club
1st - Basir Beria
2nd - Johnny Hsiung
3rd - Hans Braemer

1st - Basir Beria
2rd - Matthew Alden
3rd - Ed Alden

1st - Matthew Alden
   3rd - Ed Alden

1st - David Tan
2nd - Johnny Hsiung
3rd - Ed Alden

Dana Point, CA Festival of the Whales
Fighter Competition '92
    1st - Stephen Johanasen
2nd - Johnny Hsiung
Santa Barbara Kite Festival '92
          Line cutting competition
1st - David Tan

1st - David Tan
2nd - Tom Joe
3rd - Johnny Hsiung

 WSIKF '91
1st - Gopal Das
 2nd - Carl Crowell
3rd - Jon Nilan