Lyrics of song from Indian Movie "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam"

Please Note: This is a rough draft of the English translation courtesy of the news group:

This song takes place when Salman (one of the heroes) is flying a kite and half way through his string gets cut by his rival (the heroine's father).

shout:"kai po che"
the contest is on

Salman :
"Ae  Dheel de , Dheel de de ray bhaiya" (x2)
Oh give looseness (dheel), looseness give me (of the kite string ) brother (friend)
"us patang ko dheel day, jaise hi masti may aye"
give that kite (patang) some looseness , as soon as it comes in close (masti)
"us patang ko kheech de"
then pull that kite

men (pro Salman):
"tez, tez, tez hai, manjha apna tez hai"
sharp, sharp, sharp it is, our thread (manjha) is sharp
"ungli kat sakti hai bapu, to patang kya cheez hai?"
even a finger can get cut, old man (father), what is a kite (in front of it )

dheel de..
(classical music signifying the fight)

Salman's kite string get cut and the others laugh at him

Men (anti-Salman):
"aey lambe, Teri patang to gayi kam se, kaise kati, udi thi shaaan se"
oh tall one,Your kite is useless now, look how it's cut, how proudly it flew (showing off)

1st group of women (anti-Salman):
"Chal sanam, ab khisak, teri nahin thi woh patang, wo to gayi kisi ke sang, sang"
Walk man, move from here, it wasn't meant to be your kite, it has gone with someone else, someone else

2nd group of women (pro-Salman):
"Oh gam na kar, ghuman phir se tu phir se ghar ghar"
Oh don't be sad, start again, let loose (the kite & string) again
"asman hai tera, honslah buland kar"
the sky is yours, take courage

Men (pro-Salam):
"Gham nahin hai ankhon me, na manjha ki pakad hai"
No sadness in the eyes, neither is the thread entwined

Women (pro-Salman):
"Tan kase bandte hain isko kya khabar hai"
How the fight is conducted, what does your opponent know of it?

Men (pro- Salman):
"Ladale pech fir se, tu hone de jung"
Fight with the strings again , let there be war
"Nazar sado ho unchi, sikhati hai patang, sikhati hai patang"
Their eyes should always be held high, teaches the kite, teaches the kite

Salman fights again and wins the contest.

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