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Highly Recommended Reads

A New Fighter kite book on CD!
CD ROM is compatible with both Mac's and MS Window s PC's]

North American Fighter Kites
by Bruce Lambert

With his vast experience from the hundreds of hours spent experimenting with fighter kites and ideas regarding construction, design, flying strategies and maneuvers, and competition expereinces,  Bruce wrote "North American Fighter Kites" as an effort to share information about North American fighter kiting. It's a great workbook and guidebook for anyone curious about fighters. A MUST HAVE!!
The sale of the CD is a fund raising project. Proceeds will go to three worthy kiting organizations, 
World Kite Museum (WKM), American Kitefliers Association (AKA), and  North American Fighter Kite Association (NAFKA)
For more Information contact: Bruce Lambert:
To view sample pages in PDF files

King of the Skies

by   Rukhsana Khan

"The "King of the Skies" is about a young boy living in Lahore, Pakistan. He has been waiting for the kite festival, Basant. The boy narrates the tale of his beautiful yellow kite he names "Guddi Chore" or Kite Thief." "...It's a contemporary story structured around a traditional festival in which the flight and motion of the kites contrast with the boy's disability, and the image of the bright kites in the daytime sky later becomes a night scene of twinkling stars. " [Info from Author's page]
Published By: Scholastic Canada, Ltd.  Hardcover  ISBN:0439987253   Published: October 2001
Available from

Fighters: North American Single Line Sport Kites:
The NFKA Journal 2000 Project


Over 325 pages of the most comprehensive information on North American fighter kites ever assembled…including 12 pages of bibliography entries. There are detailed plans for more than 10 combat tested short line fighter kites with step-by-step construction instructions and tips - as well as detailed sections on making bamboo spines from a bamboo pole. 11” x 8.5” horizontal, full color and  high quality paper; its binding is double wire-o binding that allows for folding the book flat for easy photocopying of plans and for studying on your work table, etc., without damage to the book.

Cerfs-Volants Traditionals de Combat a' Travers le Monde (Traditional Fighter Kites From All Over the World) 

by Karine Boitrelle and Ludo Petit, self-published in France, c1998, 42 pages. 
In French. Provides information on Asian Fighter kites (Afghanistan, Brunei, Nepal and Singapore), and some from South America (Brazil, Bermuda and Chile). 
lncludes 14 kite plans, etc. 
Book is available for purchase through the 
KiteLines Online Bookstore (hosted by Gomberg Kite Productions)




by Wayne Hosking, published by Skytec Arts, Clermont, Florida (1999)

Fighter Kites and Beyond is an exploration of the basic fundamentals of fighter kites featuring 14 traditional fighter kites from 5 Asian cultures; 5 modern fighter kites; 10 basic fighters made from ripstop, tyvek, plastic or paper; and how to fly, fight and play with fighter kites.
11” x 8-1/2”, 96 pages. -     $24.00
To purchase this book, and others by Wayne Hosking, visit His website
or contact: SKYTEC ARTS, 1053 Arbor Hill Circle, CLERMONT, FL  34711  phone: 352-241-8347 e-mail:


 A Kite Journey through India

Written by Tal Streeter. Published in 1996 by Weatherhill, New York. ISBN: 0834803011. 
This is a fantastic book, full of wonderful insights about India and Fighter kites gathered by Tal and his wife from their many trips to India. Extremely well written, and highly interesting, includes descriptions on how the fighters are made, flown and fought. Over 80 photos, most of them in color. A MUST-HAVE book for any flier interested in Fighters.

 Not An Indian Fighter Kite

Written by Geoffrey Crumplin. Covers a new approach to making fighters out of modern materials such as ripstop, mylar, fiberglass and carbon. There are 25 plans for single-line maneuverable kites, plus tips and flying techniques. Good drawings, all in black and white. 

 Kites : Paper Wings over Japan

Written by Scott Skinner (Editor), Tal Streeter (Contributor), Masaaki Modegi (Contributor), and Tsutomu Hiroi. Published by Thames & Hudson in 1997. ISBN: 050027942X.  Kites surveys the ancient art of constructing and flying Japanese kites, from the classic to the contemporary. Includes discussions of traditions, lore, materials, anatomy, history, and aerodynamics of kite flying. The kite was for the Japanese a vehicle of wonder and art and a celebration of joy. This delightful book surveys the history and art of creating and flying Japanese kites. 80 illus. 50 in color. 

Kites: Magic Wishes That Fly Up to the Sky

 Written and illustrated by Demi. Published by Crown Pub.; March 1999. ISBN: 0517800497 
Long ago in China, kites were used to send messages--and special wishes--to the gods. This is a story 
illustrated with Chinese kites and includes the symbolism of each image.  Demi combines, beautiful artwork, an easy story-telling style,  and good solid information about one of the world's most popular hobbies. 
[Not a fighter kite book, but definitely a kite book to have!!

The Kite Fighters 

By Linda Sue Park, Eung Won Park (Illustrator) 
Reading level: Ages 9-12, Hardcover - 144 pages (March 20, 2000) 
Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395940419 
In a riveting narrative set in fifteenth century Korea, two brothers discover a 
shared passion for kites....filled with the authentic detail and flavor of traditional Korean kite fighting, brings a remarkable setting vividly to life. 

More Books Worth Reading

David Gomberg's, The Fighter Kite Book. A good How-To book that's easy to understand, you should be flying your fighter in no time! Visit David's new web page to see a small portion of the book, Flying Basics for Fighters Kites

Fighter Kites: 29 original designs to make and fly by Philippe Gallot, U.S. edition, published by St. Martin's Press. (The British edition was titled: Making & Flying Fighter Kites, published by B.T. Batsford, Ltd.). BUY Philippe's book - it's a MUST!

A Beginner's Guide To Flying Indian Fighter Kites by Shirley Turpin, c1994. This 18 page booklet was written to help the beginning flier learn to fly Indian fighter kites, based on advice and tips from Stafford Wallace, and illustrations by Andy Smith. Shirley and Dick Turpin are the owners of the famous British kite store, The Highway Men.

Come Fight A Kite by Dinesh Bahadur, published by Harvey House, N.Y., c1978. The author is a champion of international kite fighting competitions and owned the famous San Francisco kite store, Come Fly a Kite (no longer in business). This great little book of information about Indian fighters is OUT OF PRINT. Look in used book stores, or at the local library, you may just get lucky.

Visit  the KiteLines Online Bookstore (Hosted on the Gomberg Kite Productions site) to see more Kite Books that may be available.

Videos & DVDs

Fish in the Sky "Makar Sankranti" Indian Kite Flying Documentary DVD
Documentary on the national fighter kite festival, January 14, in India. This film was produced by Salem Baroda for HTV International
Producers: Pamela Salem and Michael O'Hagan. Executive Producer: Patrick Dromgoole. Available from the Drachen Foundation in Video and DVD formats.

Knights of the Manjha, a Video produced by the Manjha Club International.
Highly recommended !! Wonderful footage of some "Cutting" line fights, plus see Ludo Petit and Philippe Gallot in action. (We purchased this video from KiteLines Magazine)

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, a 1999 Indian movie on DVD, directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. One musical scene in this movie features pink and purple mylar fighter kites being flown from the roof, while one of the heroes is challenged to a match by the heroine's father. All the while, the cast is singing and dancing to a song about kite matches. This song, interestingly, was cut from the movie when shown in India, to shorten it's length. English translation of the song.

Magazine Articles

KiteLines Magazine
 Back issues are available for some volumes, check out the list at KiteLines Bookstore

On The Trail of The Tukkal by Tania Berger. Jaswanth Giani Singh of India, master of the Tukkal, shows Tania how to make a Tukkal. KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p. 49, 51.
Tussles with Tukkals - Who can Fly this Kite? by Steve McKerrow. KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p. 50.
News, Rumors & Misc.  - Buka Madness. Photo of Karen Gustavson's Buka made in Bruce Lambert's workshop at the '99 AKA Convention. KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p.62.
Kite Review on the Piranha & Bait fighters (Sky Delight Kites).KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p.21.
Book Reviews: Cerfs-Volants Traditionals de Combat a' Travers le Monde (Boitrelle & Petit) reviewed by Pierre Fabre; Fighters - North American Single Line Sport Kites (NFKA project) reviewed by Steve McKerrow. KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p.23-24.
The Manjha Debate Continues... two readers, Nelson Borelli and Ajay Prakash, contribute to this on-going debate. KiteLines Magazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p.25.
New Sightings at Dieppe '98 by Pierre Fabre. Included are photos of a Cuban Fighter kite and attached razor blades; and a Chilean Charetta (reel), plus report on the Manjha Club International's World Cup Competition. KiteLinesMagazine, Winter '99/00, v. 13, no.2, p.31-35.
Controversies - About Manjha - To cut or not to cut? by Steve McKerrow. KiteLines
 Magazine, Spring 1999, v. 13, no.1, p. 17-18.
Ripstop Hata - The interpretation of the traditional Nagasaki fighter is forgiving and easy to fly,
by C.A. Williams. Includes plans. KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1999, v. 13, no.1, p. 30-33.
India Skies Text & illus. by George Peters. KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1999, v. 13, no.1, p. 46-49.
In Pakistan Kites Light Up the Sky, Hans Bauman. Hans describes Basant, the annual Kite celebration in Pakistan. KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1999, v. 13, no.1, p. 46 - Sidebar article.
Reviews of “a fine flock of fledgling fighters...”, including the Patang (R. Gareau), My First Fighter (from Air Wares), Lil Miss Take (R. Kites, a flying pair), the Lazer (Mile High) and the Merlin Gem. In addition, a nice article from Tal Streeter, detailing the best places to go in India to find fighter culture--stuff that supplemented his book. KiteLines Magazine, Spring-Summer 1997.
The Fighters of Hong Kong plus more on Korean fighters (from Steve McKerrow's trip there), plus a view of the GA Pro fighter (Carlisle). KiteLines Magazine, Fall-Winter 1996.
Streeter at Last  by Valerie Govig and Find the Fighter Jewels by Mel Govig.
     Kitelines Magazine, Fall - Winter 1996, p.19 & 21.
Above the Clouds. KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1996, p. 37-41.
Review of the Mighty Mite fighter.KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1996.
Bat Fighter by Frank Schwiemann  by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1995,
Randy Shannon's Baby Cicada. KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1995, p. 12-13.
Super FAST Fighters of Korea by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Fall 1994, p. 31-35.
Reviews of the USA Star fighter (This is a styrofoam rotor kite). Ground School - A Beginner's Guide To Flying Indian Fighter Kites by Shirley Turpin, reviewed by Steve McKerrow. KiteLines Magazine, Fall 1994, p.22-23.
Pipas Do Brazil: Kites in South America by Pierre Fabre. KiteLines Magazine, Spring-Summer 1994, p.31-39.
Adrenaline and Mineral Water. KiteLines Magazine, Summer-Fall 1993, p. 36-43.
The Hornet by Merlin Kites by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Summer-Fall 1993, p.17-18.
How to make a Family of Fighter Kites written by Ed Alden of Washington. This article suggests ways to modify a nagaski hata so that different sizes of kites fly with similar flight characteristics. Mr. Alden did a lot of work assuming that larger kites fly better in light winds and then changing the "tip ratio" and the center of balance to make a family of kites that perform similarly. Recommended reading for anyone building fighters and playing with the shapes.KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1993.
Fighters, Front & Center. A very informative article on fighter kites, including a wonderful chart listing manufacturers & their kites, the pricing, dimensions, etc., plus a short Rebuttal on Manjha. The article was written by Mel Govig, and appears in KiteLines Magazine, Winter 1992-93, p. 38-40.
Review of David Gomberg’s The Fighter Kite Book. KiteLines Magazine, Spring-Summer 1992.
The Anytime Valentine. KiteLines Magazine, Spring-Summer 1992, p. 20-21.
Postscript: The Astrofighter by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Winter 1991-1992, p.16.
More reviews: the GA Fighter (Carlisle), a George Peters fighter, the Goodwinds AstroFighter, the Righteous Fighter (Factor Kites) and a Carlisle rokkaku. KiteLines Magazine, Summer-Fall 1991.
Reviews of the Black Feather, Merlin and Stan Swanson’s Bee. KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1991.
A review of Philippe Gallot’s Fighter Kites: 29 original designs to make and fly . KiteLines Magazine, Summer, 1990.
One - Liners To Remember, or The Hole Truth by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Winter 1989-1990, p.26.
Kites over Ahmedabad. KiteLines Magazine, Summer 1989, p. 42-49.
Reviews, including the Butterfighter/Butterflier, Carlisle Kiteworks’ Indian and the Karl Szilagi fighter. KiteLines Magazine, Winter 1988-89
Thai Kites: Ancient Tradition Perennial Excitement  by Ron Spalding. KiteLines Magazine,
Winter-Spring 1987, p.61-71.
Plans for a basic Indian fighter. KiteLines Magazine, Summer 1986.
Kites of Trinidad by Judith Johnston. KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1983, p.40-45.
A follow-up by Mel on the previous article. KiteLines Magazine, Winter-Spring 1983.
Mel’s first good, comprehensive fighter article, on how to pick and fly them. KiteLines Magazine, First Quarter 1982.
Book Review of Dinesh Bahadur's Book: Come Fight A Kite by Valerie Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Summer 1979, p.14.
What's New: Quicksilver Firebird by Mel Govig, KiteLines Magazine Spring-Summer 1978 - p.27. Reels Follow-up: A New Korean Reel by Mel Govig p.27&29.
Review of the Grandmaster.KiteLines Magazine, Winter 1977-78.
Vietnamese Kite by Margaret Greger. KiteLines Magazine, Fall 1977 - p.64.
Which is the Perfect Kite by Mel Govig. KiteLines, Summer 1977 , Vol.1, No.2                           ("Ultimate Questions" Department)
Review of several Kites, including the Kung Flew Kite by Mel Govig. KiteLines Magazine, Spring 1977 (First issue), p. 41-43.

American Kite Magazine

Art of the Matter : WindWorks '99 Marks the Arrival of Kites as Serious Museum Pieces by Tim Devaney. Includes several photos of Asian Fighter Kites, from India, Japan and Thailand, which were included in the museum displays  American Kite Magazine, Summer 1999, v.12, no.2, p 22-23, 42-43.
American Kite Magazine Apologizes - Letter from Lawyer regarding the defamatory comments and libelous remarks made by Mr. Bahadur in previous published Interview, and Apology statement from the Magazine. American Kite Magazine, Winter/Spring 1999, v.12, no.1, p.8.
"The man who would be king: American Kite Interview."  Interview of Dinesh Bahadur.
American Kite Magazine,Fall 1998, v. 11, no. 3, p. 43-44.
Flirting with Danger, by Wayne Hosking. American Kite Magazine, Spring 1998, v.11, no.1, p. 51-57. Includes plan for a Simple Fighter, p. 54-55.

Kiting : Journal of the American Kitefliers Association
   Visit the  American Kitefliers Association for more information on this publication.

Indoor Fighter Kite Plans by Paul Berard. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, Mar. 2000, v. 22, no.2,  p.20.
A Slice of Life by Tom Humphrey. Recap of a NFKA fly in Jan. and the experiences of fighting with Manjha for the first time. Kiting:Journal of the AKA, Mar. 2000, v. 22, no.2,  p.21.
Waxed Lines stuck together - A tip from Bruce Jarvie. Kiting:Journal of the AKA, Mar. 2000, v. 22, no.2,  p.21.
Single Line Sport Kites - Grand Nationals Report by Bruce Lambert. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, Jan. 2000, v. 22, no.1,  p.20.
North American Single Line Sport Kites: A New Sport Kite Category? by Bruce Lambert. Kiting:Journal of the AKA, Sept. 1999, v. 21, no.5,  p.24.
O, The Tangled Web I Wove by Doug Laubach. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, Sept. 1999, v. 21, no.5,  p.25.
98 Convention Offered More Fighters by Bruce Lambert. Recap of the Fighter events held during the 1998 AKA Convention in Ocean Shores, WA. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, May 1999, v. 21, no.3,  p.11.
Brandon Eller's Shorts - Fighter Kite plans by Brandon Eller. Kiting: Journal of the AKA,  May 1999, v. 21, no.3,  p.21-22. [photo]
Fighter Kite Myths and Facts By Douglas Fales, AKA Life Member. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, March 1988, p. 10-12.
Gem Single-Line Stuntable Kite by Wayne Hosking. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, July 1990, p.5 & 6.
Kite Plans Made Easy - The Fighter Kite by Wayne Hosking. Kiting: Journal of the AKA, September 1986, p.11-12.
HOW COME MY KITE WON'T FLY? - Simple Oriental Kites OR The Mysteries Of The
Orient Solved! AKA News, August-September 1983 - Vol V, No.4.
HOW COME MY KITE WON'T FLY? - Adjusting the bow of a fighter kite. AKA News, December 1982 - Vol IV,  No.6

Drachen Foundation Kite Journal
Journal Now available Online   Beginning with Issue 7, Summer 2001.
For more info on this publication, email:
Year 2000 Feted with 'Tangles' in the Sky by Tal Streeter. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 4, Spring 2000, p. 3-5.
Manjha Mania in India's Jaipur City by Ben Ruhe. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 4, Spring 2000, p. 6-7.
Maharaja Talks About Kites - A Chat with His Royal Highness Gaj Singh, Maharaja of Jodhpur about the Desert Kite Festival. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 4, Spring 2000, p. 8.
Japanese Nagasaki Kites - An Illustration from a Kite maker's pattern book. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 4, Spring 2000, p. 9.
The Royal Kites of Thailand : Battle of the Sexes Staged in Bangkok Skies. By Ron Spaulding. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 3, Fall 1999, p. 25-27.
Afghan Style Sky Fighting - Basir Beria. Drachen Foundation Kite Journal, No. 2, Spring 1999, p. 18-19.

Kite Passion  (Published in France; in English & French)
The Other World Cup by Karine Boitrelle. No. 13., Oct/Nov 1998, p. 46-47.
Learn To Fly A Fighter Kite by Karine Boitrelle & Ludo Petit. No. 12, Aug/Sep 1998, p. 56-57.
The Goudi - Paran ( The Flying Doll ) plan by Manjha Club. No. 11, Jun/Jul 1998, p.50.
Tradition Meets Modernity by Jean-Philippe Bequet.  No. 9, Mar 1998, p.18-23.
Ludo In Gelasan Country by Ludo Petit. No. 8, Feb 1998, p.30-31.
India in Paris by Karine Boitrelle. No. 8, Feb. 1998, p.14.
The Knights Of The Manjha Club Meet The Black Prince of Canterbury by Karine Boitrelle.
      No. 5, Jul/Aug. 1997, p.15.
Jodhpur - Magic Fly In Rajasthan by Jean-Philippe Bequet. No. 4, May/Jun 1997, p.58-63.
Tussles of Love In Bangkok by Pierre Fabre. No. 3, Mar/Apr 1997, p.50-57.
His Life Hung By A Line. No. 1, Nov/Dec 1996, p.60-61.
Nepal to Cuba. No. 1, Nov/Dec 1996, p.58-59.

KITES (Published in England)
The Hex Fighter Kite Kit review by John Bowen. Issue No. 1, 1975,  p.9.
"Not An Indian Fighter Kite" review by John Bowen. Issue No. 1, 1975, p.28.

Manjha News (Manjha Club International's Newsletter)
Join the club to receive this newsletter. Full of event happenings and fighter plans. (French and English)

Online Resources

Fighter Kite Newsletter - 1991-1993. The Fighter Kite Newsletter had only 4 issues published before it ceased, but it can now be enjoyed on the NFKAsite.
Visit, the First Internet Magazine for Kiters. 
This Online Magazine has featured Fighters in several issues. 
Submissions are welcomed, if you feel inclined.

Fighter Kite Email Forum
Meet fighter kite fans from all over the world, learn, chat and have fun!!
To Sign-Up: Send a blank e-mail message [no subject line; no text needed] to:  Then very soon you will receive correspondence from Topica.
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 Kites in art
A Listing of sites to visit which exhibit Kites depicted in art, as opposed to kites as art, or art kites.


1)  BABA SAHEB - the grand-old man of kite flying  by Sanjeeb Mukherjee.  June 2002 issue.

2)  BASANT - 'A sky without frontiers' - the Spring Festival of Kites by Salman Saeed.  March 2002 issue

Kite Plans

Online Fighter Kite Plans:

Maintained by Gina Hsiung  Last update January 2004.
Special Thanks go to the following:
1) Steve McKerrow for supplying me with additional information on Fighter articles in older issues of KiteLines Magazine
2) Rodger Willows for sharing additional information on Fighter Kite articles I'd missed.
2) Masami Takakuwa for the use of his Hata graphics from his website.