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Terry Moriarty

Professor For The Day

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



Ms.  Moriarty, president of Inastrol, an information resource management consulting firm, has enjoyed a diverse career in Information Systems, from application programmer to business analyst to information strategic planner to business rules and data management architect.  She has developed the Business Behavior Triad ™ methodology that integrates business process, business rules and business knowledge analysis within the metadata management environment to address major business concerns, such as Customer Relationship and Product information management.  Her dynamic business models have been used as the basis of customer models for companies within the financial services and telecommunication industries. 


Ms. Moriarty is the co-chairperson for the annual International Business Rules Forum (, the leading industry conference devoted to Business Rules Management and supporting rules technologies.  She has written articles for publications including The Data Administration Newsletter (, Intelligent Enterprise and Database Programming and Design and regularly speaks at industry conferences.


Ms. Moriarty holds a BA, Mathematics from California State University , Northridge and an MBA, Financial Information Systems from UCLA.