Our faculty is actively seeking external funding from outside agencies to support both research and our educational goals. Currently the department hosts an NSF-MCTP Grant (PUMP) which supports undergraduate students who plan to go on to Ph.D. Programs in Mathematics, an NSF NOYCE Fellowship grant to support undergraduate students who intend to pursue careers in Secondary Education. Graduate Students are supported by an NSF-LSAMP Bridge to the Doctorate program and and NSF Teaching Fellowship program for Graduate students who pursue careers in Secondary Education..

The Department is co-hosting (together with Geological Sciences and Computer Science) an NSF-STEP grant which supports the retention of majors in Science, Math, and Engineering. Several faculty members also have individual grants that support their research.

Besides these active grants the Department has also hosted large grants in the past, such as the NSF-GK 12 project FERMAT (2005-2009), the NSF-IRES project (2003-2008), and the NASA/CSUN/JPL PAIR project 2000-2005).