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Wednesday September 18, 2002
2:00-3:00pm at Student Union, Reseda Room B-102

If you are interested to particpate in any of the following events, please see Dr. Zakeri.
Southern California Section of the Mathematical Association of America will have its Fall meeting on October 12, 2002 at Cerritos College.
Putnam Exam will be given on December 7th 2002, here are links:
1) Putnam Problems and 2) Putnam Problems
Mathematical Contest in Modeling will be given on February 7-10th 2003, here is a link: MCM


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We are back as an official university club. Sponsored by Dr. Ali Zakeri, the math club serves dual purposes. First, it tries to bring together those who share a common interest in math. At the same time, accompanied by this page, it provides useful information to those pursuing a math degree.

Right about now you must be thinking:

"Math Club = Nerds 'R Us"

Strike one! Actually our meetings are fun and open to all! No pocket protectors required! All members, math majors or not, bring ideas and questions regarding math.

"Ooooh... I'll be put on the spot and asked questions, like I was back in class."

Strike two! True, we debate, but the main purpose is to have fun with math.

"OK! So I'll have to go through some hard initiation test and dedicate my life to the study of mathematics??"

Strike three! Our meetings are twice a month and all you have to do is show up. No strings attached, no purchase necessary, cancel at any time!

You are still reading? Wow! You have become a math fanatic without even realizing it. Just kidding!!! If you want to read more on math, our newsletter is updated monthly. Furthermore, we offer updated job listings and quick connection to some other great WWW math sites.

Wait, there is even more. Act now, and you will receive free "elbow rubbing" with our wonderful faculty members. Overcome your fear of professors and at the same time benefit from their knowledge and experience. You also have a chance to meet some of our distinguished alumni.

"Wow! Have fun, meet new people, and learn a little in the process."

You are right, there is nothing to lose. Hope to see you there...

For more information you can email:
Dr. Zakeri .....
Linh Tran .....

"Who are the cool authors of this amazing site?"

In case you want to review a topic, here is a summary list:

This page is created and maintained (96-98) by Anamaria and Michael Dent. It is still a work in process, therefore suggestions and contributions would be greatly appreciated!
    Anamaria Dent
    Cal State University, Northridge - B.S. Mathematics
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    Michael P. Dent
    University of Michigan, Dearborn - Computer Science
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Some of PREVIOUS Meetings in 2000-2002

Wednesday November 14, 2001
2:00-3:00pm at SC1117
Life After Graduating College

by Professor Ann Davis from Pasadina College (former CSUN Grad)

Wednesday November 7, 2001
2:00-3:00pm at SC1117
Coloring the Plane

by Professor Silvia Fernandez
Consider all colorings of the plane with three colors (color each point with one color). Is it always possible to find an isosceles triangle whose vertices have different colors? or a regular triangle whose three vertices have the same color? These are examples of problems in Tightness and Ramsey theories. In this talk we present the answers to the previous questions as well as other related problems.

Wednesday October 24, 2001
2:00-3:00pm at SC1117
Points, lines and their relations

by Professor Bernardo Abrego
In 1899 Sylvester posed the following problem: Suppose we have a finite collection of points with the following property; the line passing through any two of the points, contains a third point. Is it true that all points must be on a single line? In this talk we will discuss several solutions to this problem, and we will talk about some related problems on the same spirit. In order to maximize your enjoyment of the talk I suggest that you try the problem beforehand. Try some examples with a few points (say 10 or 12), Do you think the answer is yes or no?

Problem from Monthly
presented by Robert Diaz (CSUN undergraduated student)
On Wednesday March 7, 2001
More on Problem Solving techniques

on Wednesday February 21, 2001
Problem Solving Approaches

Mathematical Contest In Modeling
February 9-12, 2001
The Contest offers undergraduate students the opportunity to complete in a team setting using applied mathematics in the solving of real-world problems.
If you are interested to participate please let Dr. Zakeri know.
You may also want to visit the MCM

meeting on Wednesday November 29, 2000
Augustin Louis Cauchy-- his life as a Mathematician.
by Annie Wang -- CSUN undergraduate student
Wednesday November 22, 2000
Problems Solving Approaches for Putnam Competition
The 61st Annual Putnam Mathematical Competition is on December 2, 2000.
We have a team of three students who will participate. Good luck to our team members!
Check the following sites for the past Putnam problems/solutions:
1) Putnam Problems and 2) Putnam Problems

on Wednesday November 15, 2000 3:00-4:00pm at SC2227
Title: Problem Solving Approaches
& Samples of Putnam Competition Problems on Wednesday November 1, 2000 meeting
Title: The story of Sophie Germain-- her mathematics and her life
Speaker: Ralph Ades(CSUN graduate Student)
on Wednesday October 18, 2000
Title: The Symmetry of Repulsion - the Problem of Well-Placed Points"
Speaker: Ann Davis(CSUN graduate Student)
on Wednesday October 4, 2000
Title: A brief history of life and mathematics of Joseph Louis Lagrange
Speaker: Jang-Sub Kim (CSUN graduate Student)
on Wednesday September 20, 2000 meeting
Title: A brief history of Tchebycheff, Tchebychev, TChebyshev, Chebyshev, ....,
A great Mathematician!

Here is our Activity Calendar for the rest of semester:

March 16 or 17,2002 (Sat./Sunday)- Hiking
March 20, 2002 (Wedneasday)- Guest Speaker
April 3, 2002 (Wednesday)- TBA
April 5, 2002 (Friday)- Volleyball Match: Math Club vs Math Faculty
April 10-11, 2002 (Wed.-Thursday)- Barbeque Fundraiser
April 12, 2002 (Friday)- Bowling: Math Club As Physics Club
April 17, 2002 (Wednesday)- Guest Speaker
May 1, 2002 (Wednesday)- TBA
May 4, 2002 (Saturday)- Banquet


Linh Tran (President) .....
Randy Ades (Vice President).....
Annie Wang (Treasurer).....
Nisakorn Srichoom(Secretary).....
Jacquelyne Ta (Event Coordinator).....
Malal Popal (Auxiliary Officer).....
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