If you are a former member of the math club and have graduated, we would like to post your picture. Also let us know what you are doing now, and what is the one thing you remember most about CSUN. Hey, you can send the info even if you don't have the picture. :)

Anamaria Dent
BS Applied Mathemathics and Statistics - May 1997

"Since I designed the page I figured I would start the list. I am currently enjoying a year off school, doing... well nothing. I have to say it is just great. I never thought I would say this though, but I actually miss all the stress, and "fun" that comes with school. My fondest memory of CSUN is the following: During my last semester there, Maryam (the current President of the club) and your truly, were cramming for the math 440B final. All was well until we got up to go to take the final. She completely lost it, saying that she will never pass the class, that she will not remember anything... and all that wonderful stuff. Needless to say that I was scared and had no clue how to calm her down. To make a long story short, we both did great on that final and lived to laugh about it. :) "

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