Check out the following internet math sites:

Mathematics Criterion Center: 
  ~ Mathematics oriented products developed to help reduce test and worksheet prep time.

Journal of Transfigural Mathematics: 
  ~ Journal of mathematics, logic, the sciences, philosophy of matematics and science.

Indian Institute of Science-Department of Mathematics:
  ~ Pure and applied mathematics research.

University of Linz-Institute of Industrial Mathematics:
  ~ Fields of research: Inverse Problems, Mathematical Modelling, Applied Mathematics. 

Unsolved Mathematics Problems:
  ~ An evolving collection of unsolved mathematics problems.

Applied Mathematics Workshop:
  ~ Experimental, modeling, computational, analytic, and industrial problems and methods.

Research Center of Applied Mathematics
  ~ Applications of Matlab, Maple, and Mathematica.  Also hosts a splendid Fractals gallery.

Mathematics Archives
  ~ Contains software and materials that can be used to teach college level mathematics.

Mathematics Coalition
  ~ Facilitate and encourage the teaching and learning of mathematics as recommended by
    national reports.

Mathematics Education Center
  ~ Devoted to undergraduate mathematics education with emphasis on the use of technology.

History of Mathematics
  ~ Collection of biographies of mathematicians.  Also a series of documents on the 
    development of various branches of mathematics.

Math Education
  ~ Collection of books, journals, and web sources with an emphasis on math and statistical

Mathematical Resources
  ~ Comprehensive set of links to resources for science and mathematic education.

SIAM'S Mathematics
  ~ Contains essays, articles, and profiles of mathematicians in industry.

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