So you want to know a little bit more about the authors of this page? I guess we can say a little bit about them, can't we??

Anamaria Dent graduated from CSUN in the Spring of 1997 with a BS in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. As the former president of the math club she realized that a webpage was absolutely necessary. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Ana currently resides in Michigan, where she plans on attending graduate school in the Fall of 1998. Her fondest memory of CSUN is the tragic story of current math club president, and dearest friend, Maryam Stickell losing control right before the big 440B Stat class. I guess this shows that even the best lose it sometime. Glad to say that all went well and the two friends are still laughing about it. :)

Michael Dent, Anamaria's loving husband, is currently working on his degree in Computer Science. He has spent the last couple of years working as a computer technician. He plans on finishing up his degree an possibly opening his own computer business. He says that being rich isn't the most important thing in life, but it certainly doesn't hurt. :)

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