Rex C. Mitchell, Ph.D.
Management and Organizational Consultant

My associates and I, both in my firm and in the Center for Leadership Development, are consultants who help executives and organizations improve their performance, success, and satisfaction - by helping them learn to:

The Center for Leadership Development

The Center is a California-based, independent, non-profit, leadership development and research organization that has been operating since 1967 to provide consulting and training programs to assist organizations and individuals improve their effectiveness and performance. The focus is on value-centered education, motivational management techniques, and the development of individual responsibility and potential. The Center has concentrated on the public sector, although its work is not limited to this area.

In addition to developing a variety of management and leadership systems and development programs, the Center's professional staff have conducted six-month competency-based, small group Management Performance Seminars for over 3,500 managers and executives throughout California and the western states; participants have included public officials at local and state levels, business executives, top law enforcement officials, school district superintendents, principals, and college leaders. The Center's seminars have been funded by the Carnegie Corporation, The Rockefeller Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Education. The Center's training programs are co-sponsored by 47 California county departments of education, 100 school districts, and approved by the California Association of School Business Officials.

A few examples of the Center's special projects are:

  • Designed and conducted a one-year postdoctoral program to advance careers of 100 minority educators (funded by the Rockefeller Foundation). A longitudinal research study of the career success of these individuals, after 25 years, is underway.
  • Prepared and conducted an extensive Urban Executive Leadership Program for Black and Mexican-American Professionals in Los Angeles (funded by the Carnegie Corporation of New York)
  • Conducted a major research study for the U.S. Department of Education on ways to improve the work of its Research laboratories and Centers.
  • Did extensive consulting with the Los Angeles Police Department, including two internal opinion surveys of Chiefs, Commanders, and Captains, and planning and facilitating a series of strategic planning sessions with Chief Gates and his top twenty-seven executive staff members in which they planned a major reorganization of the Department.
  • Facilitated a four-day planning conference on earthquake preparedness for the fifty highest level administrators in the City of Los Angeles, including the Mayor, Fire Department Chief, and the Chief of Police.
  • Helped the California Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission (P.O.S.T.) design and field test its new 24-day Supervisory Leadership Institute. This program is the advanced training program for police sergeants throughout the State, and is widely acknowledged as one of P.O.S.T's most effective, innovative and sought-after leadership training programs.

Rex has been associated with the Center for the last twenty-one years. He and the other three Principal Consultants (Eugene N. Kovalenko, Ph.D., Kendall O. Price,Ph.D., and W. Clark Rex, Ph.D.) draw upon a rich panel of other consultants and experts when needed for specialized requirements.

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