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Relationship Expressed Pattern #3

SV ,  coord conj   SV
Pattern #4

SV ;  adv conj ,   SV
Pattern #5
Pattern #6

sub conj  SV ,  SV
SV  sub conj  SV
ADDITION and furthermore, again, in addition,
also, moreover, besides
CONCLUSION, RESULT, EFFECT for, so consequently, thus, as a result,
hence, then, therefore
because, if, so that, while,
although, even though
EMPHASIS so indeed, to be sure, in fact, certainly .
ILLUSTRATION, DEFINITION . for example, in other words, 
for instance, namely
SUMMATION so finally, in summary, in conclusion .
COMPARISON and similarly, also, too, likewise, 
in the same way
CONTRAST but, yet, nor or on the other hand, nevertheless, 
however, still
while, whereas, although, then
ALTERNATION or, nor . .
TIME: ORDER, SEQUENCE . then, finally, first, second, third, 
next, later
whenever, since, when, while, 
as before, after, until
CONDITION . . if, although, unless
MANNER . . as, as though