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How do I arrange a tutor or writing consultant session?
The Writing Lab and the Writing Center are located in the Learning Resource Center.  Visit the Student Services Building (SB) 408 or call (818-677-2033) to make an appointment.   Walk-Ins available on a limited basis. 
What should I bring to a  session? 
If you are working on a class paper, please bring a copy of your assignment and any work--even scattered notes--you have done, as well as any sources or materials you're using. 
Where do I go and what do I do when I arrive for my appointment?
Please check into SB414.  You will be given a form to fill out and directed toward the Writing Lab (SB415) or a Writing Consultant (SB414).
How can a tutor or consultant help me?
Tutors and Consultants help writers understand an assignment, generate ideas, prewrite, develop a thesis, analyze audience, organize and develop ideas, revise a draft, improve proofreading and editing skills, discover their own writing process. They do not, however, proofread, edit, ghostwrite, or research any writer's work. Each session is a collaborative effort in which the writer is in an active dialogue with the tutor or consultant.  Tutors and consultants  provide suggestions, rather than prescriptions for writing.   In addition, they can help students develop strategies for effective studying:  reading, notetaking, and test taking.
What if I can't visit the Writing Center?
In addition to F2F meetings, Fax/Phone and Online Consultation  are also available.
How much do these Services Cost?
All Learning Resource Center Services are free to CSUN students.
Will tutors or consultants  proofread or edit  my paper?
Tutors and consultants will not "fix" your errors, but they will  help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses,  and offer strategies to help you recognize and repair your own technical errors. And they will direct writers toward resource materials  for citation, grammar, punctuation. . . .
Is the Writing Center or Writing Lab designed only for novice writers?
While the Writing Lab tutors specifically work only with freshman composition courses: 097, 098 and 155, as well as University 100, the Writing Center consultants work with any students writing papers for any other courses across the disciplines.   For any writer, it's useful to get reactions from a reader on work in progress.   In addition,  Consultants provide strategies for students preparing to take the CBEST or the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE).
Will my professor know that I visited the Writing Center?
You will get a copy of the appointment form you filled out before your meeting with the tutor or consultant which you may turn in to your professor.  The tutor or consultant will jot down a few comments about your appointment and initial it. 
Who are the tutors and the writing consultants?
The tutors are undergraduate and graduate students from across the disciplines.  The writing consultants generally are graduate students in English who have taught or are currently teaching, but they may be graduate students in other related fields, such as  Linguistics or Communications.  All are friendly, helpful CSUN students who have been trained to assist you in all stages of the writing process.