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Humanities Interdisciplinary Program

Humanities Interdisciplinary Program - image of Vesuvian Man, books, music, theatre marquees

What is the study of Humanities?

Humanities involves the study of the human condition, a way of thinking about and responding to human experience through a broad array of subject matters including cultural studies, languages, linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, mythology, religion, visual and performing arts, and women's studies.

Humanities at Northridge

The Humanities Program at CSUN embodies an interdisciplinary approach to education that allows students to examine and illuminate the breadth of human experience. In the Humanities Program, students have a large degree of flexibility and input into their course material, allowing them to call on the interdisciplinary nature of the program to design a degree that addresses their individual interests.

The B.A. program in the humanities offers students the opportunity to study diverse strands of human thought and culture. In devising their own plan of study, humanities majors, working in close consultation with faculty advisors, can prepare for graduate studies in the humanities, in specific disciplines of the humanities, or in cultural studies, train for a career where a broad humanistic understanding is appropriate and/or desirable, or acquire self-cultivation through interdisciplinary study.

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