We the People:
An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity

Macmillan, 1988  (See amazon.com)

Cover and Introductory Material (8mb)

1. Quality of the 1980 Census Data on Ethnicity (7.8mb)

2. Data Selection and Map Design (7mb)

3. Understanding the Map Patterns (4.8mb)

4. Early North American Origin (10.8mb)

5. Western European Origin (14.5mb

6. Northern European Origin (10.4mb)

7. Easterm European Origin (29mb)

8. Southern European Origin (10.7mb)

9. Middle-Eastern Origin (7.8mb)

10. African Origin (6.2mb)

11. Mid and South American Origin (31.8mb)

12. Asian and Pacific Islander Origin (47.5mb)

13. General Patterns of Ethnic Identity (17.4mb)

14. References (8.7mb)

15. Reference Maps (8.5mb)

16. Index (2.7mb)

Appendix 3 of individual county ethnic populations not included.

A Review

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