Volume 20, Number 3 
Summer 2000

  • Words from the Chair 
  • Call for Participation - 2001 AAG Sessions on Visualization
  • National Geography Award in Cartography Now Online
  • CSG-Sponsored Student Competition Results
  • Call for Abstracts for Special Sessions on Remote Sensing-GIS Integration
  • Invitation to Participate in the Survey on Client-Driven Applied Geography Projects
  • Pittsburgh CSG-Sponsored Visualization Sessions a Great Success
  • NACIS News
  • Calendar
  • Master's Thesis Research Grant
  • Newsletter Deadline
  • Address Changes
  • CSG Officers
  • AAG CSG Business Meeting Minutes
  • Treasurer's Report
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    Words from the Chair

    James Lowry

    Let me begin with a most heartfelt thanks to several people who have served the Cartography Specialty Group estimably.  First, and foremost, I/we must thank Ann Goulette for her tenure as Secretary/Treasurer.  The Secretary/Treasurer is, in my opinion, probably the most important of the various board members and Ann was truly exceptional in her service.  While our new Secretary/Treasurer, Elisabeth Nelson, will also, undoubtedly, do an excellent job, Ann will be greatly missed on the board.  Aileen Buckley completed her term as Academic Director, but probably more importantly also as our unofficial "Program Chair."  In addition to her duties as Academic Director, Aileen organized and chaired numerous CSG sessions (making the Vice Chair's job much easier).  Scott Freundschuh completed his tenure as Past Chair at the Pittsburgh meeting.  This marked the end of three years' service as Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair for Scott.  As the nominations director for another specialty group I appreciate the work that Scott put in, as Past Chair, to assemble the slate of candidates.  Although his term as Past Chair has just begun, Charlie Rader is also due a great deal of thanks for his service as Vice Chair and Chair the past two years.  The Cartography Specialty Group is in sound health as a result of the efforts of Ann, Aileen, Scott, and Charlie.

    After the Secretary/Treasurer I believe the second most important position in the CSG is that of Vice Chair.  The Vice Chair has as his/her primary responsibility the program for the upcoming AAG meeting.  Matt McGranaghan  (matt@ hawaii.edu) is our new CSG Vice Chair and Program Committee Chair.  Matt is responsible for organizing CSG sponsored sessions, workshops, and field trips for the New York meeting.  As much effort as the Vice Chair puts into this task, his/her success is almost completely dependant upon the voluntary cooperation of the members of the CSG.  If you have a paper/poster to present please get in touch with Matt so that he can ensure that it is appropriately placed in a CSG- sponsored session.  If you plan to organize a session pleaselet Matt know so that he can compile a list of sessions for distribution prior to the meeting.  As much as I asked for help last year, there were CSG-related sessions in Pittsburgh that I was unaware of prior to the release of the program, and thus I was unable to distribute a complete list to CSG members.  Also, as this year's meeting is earlier than usual, February 27 through March 2, 2001, abstract submission deadlines have been moved up accordingly.  Abstracts for papers are due at AAG headquarters September 1, 2000, while those for posters and illustrated papers are due by September 30, 2000.  Matt, of course, will have to establish an earlier deadline for submissions for CSG sessions, so please plan accordingly and do everything possible to help Matt (so he can help us).
    Finally, have a great, relaxing summer.

    Call for Participation - 2001 AAG Sessions on Visualization

    submitted by Scott White

    The CSG and GISSG are once again organizing sessions on visualization for the 2001 annual meeting of the AAG in New York City.  Pittsburgh's sessions were very well received and included a total of 35 participants in eight different sessions over two days.  Thanks to Aileen Buckley and Jeremy Crampton for organizing these visualization sessions.  Abstracts from the past four years of AAG Visualization sessions can be perused at http://geography.uoregon.edu/ buckley/aag/sessions.htm.

    This year Scott White (Fort Lewis College) and Robert Maxwell Beavers (Univ. of Northern Colorado) are organizing AAG Visualization sessions for the 2001 Annual Meeting.  If you are interested in presenting a paper or illustrated paper (i.e., poster) on geographic visualization, please contact Scott White (white_s@fortlewis.edu or 970-247-7475).  Posters would be presented in an illustrated  paper session, in which presenters have 3-5 minutes to provide an oral summary of their research followed by one-on-one or small group discussions (as in regular poster session format). Since these will be organized sessions, each individual participating in a session must submit (1) a Program Participation Form, (2) participation fee, and (3) abstract (on floppy disk and/or emailed to white_s@fortlewis.edu) Please refer to the Call for Program Participation in the May 2000 AAG Newsletter for more information (also available at  http://www.aag.org/PDF/ 2001call.pdf).

    Deadlines are listed below.  Since I have to send application materials to AAG as a group, please adhere to my earlier deadlines also listed below. Your application materials, registration forms and fees should be sent to me, not AAG.  I will send them all to AAG as a group immediately after my deadlines listed below.

    AAG Deadline for Paper Abstracts    9/1/00

     Scott's deadline for receiving all application materials (incl.
    registration form and fees) for PAPER presenters

    AAG Deadline for ILLUSTRATED PAPER abstracts

     Scott's deadline for receiving all application  materials (incl.
    registration form and fees) for ILLUSTRATED PAPER presenters

    These sessions are open to all interested researchers in geographic visualization.  Please help support these sessions as you have done in the past.  For more information, feel free to contact Scott White or Max Beavers (RMBeaver@unco.edu).

    National Geographic Award in Cartography Now Online

    submitted by David Miller
    The updated website for the National Geographic Award in Cartography is now online thanks to the talented efforts of  Paula Williard. The new information on this year's winners and their projects is at:


    Please take a look and see some impressive examples of academic cartography. Cole Slater has been kind enough to send us his bronze globe so we may have enhanced images of this on our website soon. Information for this year's competition is there also.

    2000 AAG Annual Meeting CSG-Sponsored Student Competition Results

    submitted by Aileen Buckley

    The student competitions sponsored and co-sponsored by the CSG at the 2000 AAG Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh were a great success!  My thanks to the competitors and those involved with helping organize and judge the competitions.  All the papers and posters were outstanding!

    And the awards go to...

    For the CSG-sponsored Student Paper Competition:

    1st place - $500
    Jacqueline J. Shinker (University of Oregon)
    Visualizing the Global Climate System Through Animated Cartography

    2nd place - $250
    Julie A. Rice (Kent State University)
    The Cartographic Heritage of the Lakota Sioux

    For all competitors, the conference registration fee of $70 was covered. Other competitors included Deborah Rogers (San Francisco State University) and William Smith (University of Delaware).

    For the CSG/GISSG/Remote Sensing SG Student Poster Competition:

    1st place -- $150
    Jill K. Hallden (Michigan State University)
    Development of a System for Visualizing Remotely-Sensed Data

    2nd place -- $75
    Richard M. Warnick (University of Utah)
    Reverse Proximity and the Demand for Additional Wilderness Areas in Utah

    3rd place -- $50
    J.M. Shawn Hutchinson (Kansas State)
    A Comparison of Techniques to Remove the Influence of Topography from SAR Imagery

    1st place, Undergraduate Division -- $50
    Kevin Coughlin (Salem State College)
    Remote Sensing: How it Works.

    Call for Abstracts for Special Session(s) on Remote Sensing-GIS Integration for 2001 AAG

    submitted by Qihao Weng and Dan Brown
    Over the past three decades there has been a dramatic increase in the availability and use of remotely sensed (RS) data. Geographic information systems (GIS) make it possible for computer systems to handle spatial data of various kinds. The opportunity of combining ever-increasing computational power and more plentiful digital data has resulted in an integrated approach to remote sensing and GIS for various types of environmental and socioeconomic analysis. Indeed, the 1990s have witnessed scientists from various fields pushing the integration into the frontier of scientific inquiry. Current trends in research on RS/GIS integration include combined raster and vector processing, three-dimensional representation and visualization, information extraction from RS data, spatial analysis on hyper-spatial, hyper-spectral, and hyper-temporal data, fusion of multiple sensor systems for spatial information generation, and multi-temporal data representation and analysis. With the advancement of computer technology and increasing demands of the market for integration, RS and GIS will continue to be tightly coupled in research and application. This is particularly true when considering the availability of sub- meter resolution satellite data in the near future. The processing and management of such information necessitates current GIS and spatial analysis technology to be adapted, modified, and extended.

    We hope to put together several sessions on this issue that will stimulate discussions and lead to an increased cross-fertilization of research ideas and work. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

    1) Convergence of spatial analysis, GIS, and image processing
    2) Impacts and integration of new sensor systems (IKONOS, TERRA, LIDAR, RADAR)
    3) Technical and conceptual impediments to GIS/RS integration
    4) New computer technologies that facilitate GIS/RS integration
    5) The rationale and mechanisms for GIS/RS integration
    6) Issues of accuracy, scale, and generalization
    7) Remote sensing and GIS in support of modeling
    8) Remote sensing and GIS in support of science
    9) Approaches to data fusion and data mining
    10) Environmental applications 11) Socioeconomic applications

    Qihao's DEADLINE for receiving all application materials (including registration form, fee, disk, and paper copy of abstract):  August 15, 2000.

    Dr. Qihao Weng (Primary Contact)
    Department of Geography
    University of Alabama
    Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0322
    Phone: 205-348-0086
    Fax: 205-348-2278 

    Email: qweng@bama.ua.edu 

    Dr. Dan Brown
    School of Natural Resources & Environment
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103-1115
    Phone: 734-763-5803
    Fax: 734-936-2195

    Email: danbrown@umich.edu


    Invitation to Participate in the Survey on Client-Driven Applied Geography Projects

    submitted by Barry Wellar

    The survey on client-driven applied geography projects was launched in 1998 under the auspices of the Applied Geography Specialty Group (AGSG), Association of American Geographers (AAG).  In late 1999, as a result of discussions at the Applied Geography Conference in Charlotte, the target population was extended to include the participation of all AAG/CAG members engaged in client-driven applied geography projects.  We recently completed several system changes, and are now ready to expand the database of respondents.

    The purpose of the survey is to document the nature and extent of involvement by geographers in client-driven applied geography projects.  A major product of the survey will be an  open database on project topics, investigators, clients, funding, research approaches, publications, etc.

    For details about the survey, and several illustrative responses to the survey form, please consult the following: http://aix1.uottawa.ca/~wellarb

    Specialty Group members are advised that the invitation to participate in the survey will be extended beyond AAG/CAG membership in due course.  As a result, AAG/CAG members engaged in client-driven applied geography projects are encouraged to contribute to the database at the earliest.

    Questions or comments on the survey may be directed to

    Prof. Barry Wellar
    Department of Geography
    University of Ottawa
    Ottawa, ON, Canada, K1N 6N5.
    He can also be contacted as follows: e-m wellarb@uottawa.ca
    fax: (613) 562-5145
    tel: (613) 562-5800 ext 1065.

    Pittsburgh CSG-Sponsored Visualization Sessions a Great Success

    submitted by Aileen Buckley

    The visualization sessions sponsored by the CSG and co-sponsored by the GISSG at the 2000 AAG Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh were a great success!  My thanks to the participants who made the sessions so interesting and informative and to the organizers of related sessions in the series (John Krygier and Anne Knowles).  Thanks also to the members of the audience for their attendance and attention!  And very special thanks to Jeremy Crampton, co-organizer of the series.

    To see the abstracts of all the participants, visit http://geography.uoregon.edu/buckley/aag/sessions.htm.

    This year, there were a total of 35 participants in eight different sessions over two days.  Participants came from academia, private industry, and government research centers.  Over 25 different academic institutions were represented from the U.S. and abroad.  Participants also came from a variety of academic departments, including geography, geology, geosciences, land information, mathematics, statistics, sociology, and architectural history.

    Drs. William Cartwright of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia and Dr. Leland Wilkinson of Northwestern University and SPSS,Inc. were special guests whose participation was supported in part by AAG Enrichment Funds.

    The sessions in visualization at next years meeting in New York will be organized by Scott White of Fort Lewis College (white_s@FORTLEWIS.EDU) and Robert Beavers of Northern Colorado College (RMBeave@unco.edu).  Please contact them if you are interested in participating in or organizing a visualization session, or if you are thinking of organizing a related session.

    Once again, many thanks to all who made these sessions a success, especially my co-organizer this year, Jeremy Crampton.

    NACIS News

    submitted by Jeremy Crampton

    This year's NACIS meeting will be held in Knoxville, TN from October 11-14 and marks our 20th anniversary. The NACIS Program Committee invites you to participate by presenting a poster or exhibit (the paper deadline was May 31). All cartographic-related topics are welcome. Contact Jeffrey McMichael at jmcmichael@gsu.edu by August 31 to reserve space and discuss your plans to display in the poster session.

    Special Symposium: A symposium on Maps and the Internet, co-sponsored by NACIS and the Maps & Internet Commission of the International Cartographic Association will be take place from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, October 11, 2000 (prior to the opening session of the NACIS conference). Details on registering for the symposium will be mailed with NACIS conference registration materials in late July. Email Dr. Michael Peterson (Michael_Peterson@unomaha.edu) for further information.

    NACIS is the North American Cartographic Information Society. See http://www.nacis.org for further information about the Society and its peer-reviewed journal Cartographic Perspectives.

    Student Map Competition at the Pacific Coast Regional Meeting

    This year's Pacific Coast Regional Meeting features a student map competition with cash prizes. The conference is being held in Arcata, CA from September 14-17, hosted by Humboldt State University. The deadline for entries is September 9th. Contact Dr. Margaret W. Pearce, Department of Geography, Humboldt State University, mwp7001@axe.humboldt.edu.



    September 2-8  4th International Conference on Integrating Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Environmental Modeling, Banff, Alberta, Canada. An international research conference to improve spatio-temporal predictive modeling of processes, events, and phenomena for environmental problem solving. Contact: Conference Secretariat GIS/EM4, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), CIRES Building 216, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309-0216, USA .

    September 6-8. International Cartographic Association, Conference on "Teaching Maps for Children: Theories, Experiences and Perspectives Beginning the Third Millenium", Budapest, Hungary. Contact: Jesús Reyes Nunez, Eötvös Loránd University, Department of Cartography, Pázmány Péter sétány 1/A. Budapest 1117, Hungary. Telephone: 36 (1) 372-2975. E-mail: jesus@ludens.elte.hu. WWW: http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/dolgozo/jesus/meeting2/bp2000.html

    October 6  - Second Biennial Virginia Garrett Lectures on the History of Cartography, Arlington, TX. The speakers and their topics include: James Akerman, Newberry Library, "Riders Wanted: Maps as Promotional Tools in the American Transportation Industry"; Tom Conley, Harvard University, "Worlds Apart: Maps in Classical Cinema and the Modern Movie"; Richard Francaviglia, University of Texas- Arlington, "Cover the Earth: The Role of Maps in Advertising and Promotion"; Mark Monmonier, Syracuse University, "Maps in the Media: News, Factoids, Explanations, and Entertainment"; Dennis Reinhartz,  University of Texas-Arlington, "Making it Real: The Mapping of the Fictional, Fantastic, and Futuristic." Contact: Katherine Goodwin, Special Collections Division, UTA Libraries, Box 19497, Arlington, TX 76019-0497, (817) 272-5329 (phone), (817) 272-3360 (fax).

    October 11  - Symposium on Maps and the Internet, Knoxville, TN. 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, prior to the opening session of the NACIS conference. Contact: Jeremy W. Crampton, Geography and Earth Science [MS1E2], George Mason University, Fairfax Va. 22030-4444, phone (703) 993-1210.

    October 19-22 - The Stewart Museum Globe Symposium, Montreal. The symposium will give participants an opportunity to hear presentations by various globe experts as well as to study the 50 terrestrial and celestial globes and 70 globe-related works in the museum's exhibition of early globes, Yes! The World is Round. The registration fee includes a complimentary copy of the lavishly illustrated book, Sphaerae Mundi: Early Globes at the Stewart Museum. Participation will be limited to 75 persons. Contact: Nadia Hammadi, Stewart Museum, PO Box 1200, Station A, Montreal (Qc), H3C 2Y9, CANADA, (514)861-6703, ext. 260 / Fax: (514)284-0123.

    Master's Thesis Research Grant Announcement of 2000-2001 Award Applications

    The Cartography Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers is pleased to announce the 1999-2000 Master's Thesis Research Grants. These grants are available to master's students working on cartographic research and who are enrolled in a geography degree program. Grants are available up to a maximum of $300 and may be used for items necessary and relevant to research such as travel, materials, equipment, and human subject fees. The deadline for applications is October 15th.

    Fundable Research  Fundable research must be cartographic in nature.  Cartography must be the central focus of the research, and not merely a tool used in support of some other research. Review of Proposals  Research proposals will be judged based upon (1) their originality, (2) their research design or plan of work, and (3) their budget and its justification. Proposals are reviewed in a non-blind process by a committee of three people selected by the Non-Academic Director in consultation with the CSG Chair.

    Date of Awards  Awards will be made two months after the review date for which the proposal was submitted.

    Application Form Required for Submission  An application form may be obtained from the Non-Academic Director. Fill the form out completely. Note that the applicant and the advisor are jointly responsible for the accuracy and validity of all information on the application. Be sure to complete the budget and justification on the  back of the application form. List the requested items from highest to lowest priority and include price quotations for these items. Below, provide a brief justification of why the items you are requesting are necessary to your thesis. Finally, state whether you will accept partial funding should the entire amount requested not be granted.

    Description of the Research Plan  A description of your research plan is also required. Place your name and the title of your thesis at the top of the first page. State the research objectives and the specific aims of the research. Describe concisely the methods for achieving these goals. The research plan should not exceed three pages. Please note that human subject clearance must be obtained before grant money can be awarded, if the research involves human subjects.     All applications must be typewritten or completed on a word processor. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications must be received by the deadline in order to be considered for funding.

    Submit the original signed application form and research plan, along with two copies, to:

    Lawrence Handley
    U.S. Geological Survey
    National Wetlands Research Center
    700 Cajundome Blvd
    Lafayette, LA 70506.

    Newsletter Deadline

    Submission of items for the CSG newsletter must be received by October 30 for the fall issue.               Please email all items to Frank Boscoe (fpb01@health.state.ny.us)

    Address Changes

    The CSG receives its email addresses and mailing labels from AAG Headquarters.  Changes or corrections to the mailing list should be sent to Kevin Klug, Director of Membership, AAG, 1710 Sixteenth Street, NW, Washington, DC 20009-3198.

    2000-2001 CSG Officers

    Chair (2000-2001)
    James Lowry
    Dept of Geography / ECU Box Q2
    East Central University
    Ada, OK 74820

    Vice Chair (1999-2000)
    Matt McGranaghan
    Geography/University of Hawaii
    2424 Maile Way
    Honolulu, HI  96822

    Past Chair (1999-2000)
    Charles Rader
    Department of Geography
    Univ.of Wisconsin - River Falls
    River Falls, WI 54022-5001

    Secretary/Treasurer (2000-2002)
    Elisabeth Nelson
    Department of Geography
    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Greensboro, North Carolina 27402

    Academic Director (2000-2002)
    Jeff Torguson
    Geography / Stewart Hall 359
    720 Fourth Ave S
    St. Cloud, MN  56301-4498

    Academic Director (1999-2001)
    Aileen Buckley
    Department of Geography
    University of Oregon
    Eugene, OR 97403-1251

    Non-Academic Director (1999-2001)
    Lawrence Handley
    U.S. Geological Survey
    National Wetlands Research Center
    700 Cajundome Blvd
    Lafayette, LA 70506

    Student Director (2000-2001)
    Jill Hallden
    Department of Geography
    Michigan State University
    East Lansing, MI 48823

    Minutes of the Business Meeting

    AAG Cartography Specialty Group (CSG)
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
    6:00PM, April 5, 2000

    1. Call to Order.  Scott Freundschuh, Past Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:10 PM.  Thirty-three people signed the sign-in sheet for the meeting.

    2. Approval of Agenda.  The agenda for the Business Meeting was distributed and approved.

    3. Minutes.   The 1999 Business Meeting minutes were distributed and approved as written (Ute Dymon moved, Aileen Buckley seconded).

    4. Election Results.  Scott Freundschuh reported the election results as follows:

    Matt McGranaghan, Vice Chair
    Jeff Torguson, Academic Director
    Elisabeth Nelson, Secretary/Treasurer
    Jill Hallden, Student Director

    5. Treasurer's Report.  The Treasurer's Report was distributed and discussed.  The total treasury funds were reported as $2,298.18.  Ann Goulette reported that the membership rebate for 1999 was $2044, but had not been deposited in the bank account by the closing date of the report.  Ute Dymon moved to approve the Treasurer's Report, Jim Meacham seconded the motion and the report was approved.

    6. Membership Report.   Ann Goulette reported that there are 342 members of the CSG, down from 364 at the same time last year.  Total membership by the end of 1999 was 472.

    7. Newsletter Report.  Ann Goulette reported that there were three newsletters last year.  The Spring issue was distributed by regular mail; the other two by email.  Frank Boscoe reported that there had been positive responses to the email versions.  He solicited cartographic images for future newsletters.  Aileen Buckley suggested that the newsletter be posted on the CSG website in PDF format.

    8. Awards Programs.  Larry Handley reported on the CSG Master's Grant Award.  There were two applications approved for funding this year.  Amy Griffins and Mike Cooper will receive awards in the amount of $300 each.  The application deadlines will change to March 15, June 15 and October 15.  The application should be posted on the website and announcements of the competition in each CSG newsletter.
    Aileen Buckley reported that there were 29 applications for the NGS Map Competition, including two animations, a website, a globe, and an edible map.  Aileen showed slides of the entries.  The winner is James Napoli from Pennsylvania State University for a map on Yellowstone's Wolves; he will receive $1,200.  Honorable mention goes to Cole Slater from the University of Hawaii for his brass globe.  Jim Meacham, Bill Loy, Jon Kimerling and Aileen served as judges.  Aileen suggested posting the entries on the web.

    Scott Freundschuh reported that there were four entries for the CSG Student Paper Competition, which will be held at a session tomorrow.   The winners will be announced at the end of the session.

    Aileen Buckley announced that the Remote Sensing/GIS/Cartography Poster organized by Michael Hernandez would also be held tomorrow.  There are 13 entries; the winner will be announced at the Awards Banquet.

    9. CSG Name Change.  Charles Rader explained that over the past few years there has been discussion to change the name of the specialty group to reflect changes in the field.  He had hoped to distribute a questionnaire to the membership this year, but decided to open it up for discussion at the meeting instead.  All three of his Notes From the Chair articles in the newsletter discussed the name change, but he received only one response (a reprint of a 1993 Notes From the Chair authored by Bill Loy also on the name change topic).  The proposed name is "Cartography and Visualization".  A straw poll of the 49 people attending the meeting indicated 26 for, 7 against and the rest abstaining.

    10. Bylaw Committee.  Ann Goulette reported that 54 votes were received in the bylaw change vote.  All seven proposed amendments passed.  The new bylaws will be posted on the website.

    11. Installation of New Officers.  Charles Rader passed the gavel to James Lowry and installed the remaining officers.  Charles thanked the out-going officers for their efforts.

    12. Liaison with ACSM, NACIS, ICA.  James Lowry called for announcements from the other organizations.  Aileen Buckley reported that the ACSM is in the process of incorporating and moving from their present office.  The organization has been improving its financial situation.  Jeremy Crampton urged CSG members to join NACIS (dues are $42).  He stated that Mark Monmonier will edit the next issue of Cartographic Perspectives; it is titled "Cartography in the 20th Century".  The next NACIS conference is in Nashville, Kentucky; papers are due at the end of April.  Mike Peterson will hold a map symposium the day before the conference.  Judy Olson reported that Bob McMaster is the U.S. chair for the ICA.  The 2001 meeting will be in Beijing, China; the 2002 meeting will be in Durban, South Africa.

    13. Program for 2001 Annual Meeting.  Matt McGranahan will be the Program Chair for the New York meeting in 2001.  Charles Rader asked for suggestions/volunteers for sessions and workshops at the New York meeting and asked for volunteers for the local program committee.  Keith Clarke suggested a cartographic field trip to the New York Public Library.  Aileen asked for workshop suggestions.  Greg Plumb offers to host a workshop on principles of cartography for GIS professionals.  Ute Dymon suggested a census-related workshop.

    14. New Business and Announcements.  Joel Morrison reported that the Treasurer of the AAG announced a change in the fiscal year start to July 1.  This will affect specialty groups also.  AAG will have a half fiscal year for the first part of 2000.  He also announced changes in publications: Will Graff will try to make the Annals more interesting.  Basil Gomez, Michael Goodchild, Roger Kasperson, John Paul Jones III, and Peter Muller will serve as editors for Environmental Sciences:, Methods, Models and Geographic Information Sciences; Nature-Society; People, Place and Region; and Book Review, respectively.  Margaret Pearce is hosting the Pacific Coast Geographers at Humboldt University, where a map competition will take place.  The deadline for entries is September 9.  Scott Freundschuh reported that he and Rob Kitchin wrote a book, "Cognitive Mapping: Past, Present and Future".  Michael Peterson introduced Bill Cartwright, a visitor from Australia and announced an ICA meeting in Melbourne on June 4.

    15. Adjournment.  A motion to adjourn was made at 7:15 PM; the motion was seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.

    AAG Cartography Specialty Group Treasurer's Report for Calendar Year 1999

    Report Period: January 1, 1999 - December 31, 1999

    Beginning Balance January 1, 1999            $1,686.35

     AAG Dues Rebate                $2,098.00
     Interest (Checking Account)       $17.30
     Workshop Rebates (1998)          $141.04
     Other income                       $5.70
     TOTAL                                      $2,262.04

     Student Honors Comp. Awards      $945.00
     AAG Awards Luncheon               $25.00
     MA Thesis Grants                   $0.00
     CSG Sponsored Travel
         to Annual Meeting              $0.00
     Remote Sensing SG
        Poster Competition              $0.00
     Newsletters                      $548.21
        Materials                      $56.06
        Postage                       $492.15
        Banking Fee                   $132.00
     TOTAL                                       $1,650.21

    Ending Balance December 31, 1999             $2,298.18

    Submitted by Ann Goulette, Secretary/Treasurer

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