2001 Conference Proceedings

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Patti Rea
8426 Willow Rd
Celina, TX  75009
(972) 382-3160  

Kelly Fonner
1508 Dodge Street
Lake Geneva, WI  53147
(262) 249-9269  

Participants will create overlay groups for IntelliKeys to be used in both IntelliTalk II and IntelliPics.  By adding the "Go To Level" command as key content, these overlays will automatically branch to the next level, after the appropriate key is selected. In IntelliTalk the levels will create an errorless method for a student to word process his/her name.  In IntelliPics these levels will create an activity that must be done sequentially. Demo activities will include real photographs from the IntelliPics Texas Style! (C) photo collection and the new Field Trips Texas Style! (C)  photo collection. 

Initially participants will preview demonstration activities in IntelliTalk II and IntelliPics, which utilize custom overlay groups with levels for IntelliKeys.   In IntelliTalk, the demonstration overlay will allow "Brian" to word process his name by pressing the letters of his name on the IntelliKeys overlay.  His only choice of letters will be B, r, i, a, and n. When first starting a new document, the letter "B" will initially be the only active letter. Pressing any other letter will have no result.   After pressing the "B", the overlay group will automatically advance to the next level and the letter "r" will be the only active character. By continuing in this sequence, Brian will have an errorless way to word-process his name.

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In IntelliPics participants will work with two demonstration activities:   Let's Set the Table and Let's Dress the Farmer. When setting the table, the keys on the IntelliKeys overlay must be pressed in a left to right sequence. For example, when the activity first begins the only active key is a photo of a placemat. All other photos are inactive until the placemat is activated. Once the placemat is pressed, the overlay group advances to the next level and the fork becomes the only active key. In this manner the keys must be pressed in a left to right sequence to set the table. The Let's Dress the Farmer activity must also be completed in a left to right sequence to view real photographs of the farmer being dressed!

To begin creating an overlay to word process Brian's first name, participants will first create a new palette in IntelliTalk II with the letters, B, r, i, a, and n.   Once the palette is created, the Make Overlay feature of IntelliTalk will generate the overlay. Participants will move the letters into the proper sequence for typing and then use the Save As command to make the first level. This first level will be named, "B". On this first overlay only the letter "B" will have key content. All other letters will be blank. Again using the Save As command, the next overlay "r" will be created and only the letter "r" will have key content. In this manner an overlay will be made for each letter of Brian's name.   Next a new Overlay Group will be created by putting all the overlays in the correct sequence to word process Brian's name.  The group will be saved and sent to IntelliKeys thus providing an errorless way to word process Brian's name.

Participants will begin with the IntelliPics Let's Set the Table activity and open the original overlay. By once again, using the Save As command, each overlay will be made with only one key active at a time. After creating an overlay for each step of the activity, the new overlay group will be made. Once saved and sent to IntelliKeys, this overlay will create an activity that must be done sequentially to advance to the next step.

These basic Overlay Maker skills of overlay groups and levels allow much flexibility in programming for the classroom.

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