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Searching the Name Database

The Name database is a file containing records that have information separated by a semi-colon. Relevant fields include the following:

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Working Department
Date that the record was last updated
mail drop code (last four digits of a 9-digit zip code)
Email ID
Email host
1st phone number
2nd phone number
fax number

A sample may look as follows:

Jon;Doe;Dr.;SS 999;Professor;Biology;950201;9199;jdoe;huey;8188850000;;;

Remember that these fields are separated by a Semi-Colon so that a search for a first and last name combined would not work. If you want an email address just use the first part i.e. xyzabc of should be searched for.

As usual we expect to make changes on a regular basis so that this method will become obsolete. High demand and lack of time and resources made this method the quickest way to access the data. Call Communications Services at (818) 885-2212 to submit any suggestions.

Updated: 05/05/95