Education & Employment Information

1968      Ph.D. Latin American Studies, University of Southern California

1969-     Professor of Chicana/o Studies, California State University, Northridge


Selected Honors:

*Outstanding Academic Title by CHOICE Magazine, Corridors of Migration: The Odyssey of Mexican Laborers, 1600-1933, 2009

* National Hispanic Institute, Lifetime Achievement Award, Austin, Texas, 2008

* Keynote, Texas Foco, National Association for Chicana Chicano Studies, 2008

* Community Coalition South Central Los Angeles, 9th Annual Gala Dinner, Activist-scholar award, 2008

* The Labor/Community Strategy Center Award, May 2007

* Center for the Study of Political Graphics (CSPG), Historian of the Lions Award at our 18th Anniversary Dinner in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 13, 2007

* National Hispanic Cultural Center. Book Presentation, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2007

* National Hispanic Hero Award, March 11, 2006, Chicago, 24th Annual National Conference. United States Hispanic Leadership Institute,

*LAWeekly LA People 2006, April 21-27, 2006, p. 108, Featured as one of 100 LA shakers and movers

*2005    Symposium on the Works of Rodolfo F. Acuna, California State Northridge, May 2005

*Selected As One of the “100 Most Influential Educators of the 20th Century,” Black Issues In Higher Education

*Recipient of the Gustavus Myers Award for an Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America

*Distinguished Scholar Award, National Association for Chicano Studies

*Homenaje University of Guadalajara Feria Internacional del Libro and the State of Guadalajara Mexico for the Outstanding Scholar of U.S.-Mexico Studies

*Emil Freed Award for Community Service, Southern California Social Science Library

*Plenary session on the future of the profession, American Historical Association, 1992

* A founder of Labor/Community Strategy Center, 1989

*Founder's Award for Community Service, Liberty Hill Foundation

*American Council of Learned Societies Award

*Rockefeller Humanities Fellowship

*Ford Foundation Research Grant

*Ford Foundation Grant establishing Operation Chicano Teacher

*Founding Chair, Chicano Studies Department, California State University, Northridge

*A Founder of Latin American Civic Association Headstart



Forthcoming:  In the Trenches of Academe: Chicana/o Studies A Personal View (450 ms pages)

2008        Voices of the U.S. Latino Experience [Three Volumes] Greenwood Press, 2008

2007        Corridors of Migration: Odyssey of Mexican Laborers, 1600-1933 University of Arizona Press Dec 2007)   

2007        Occupied America: A History of Chicanos 6th edition. New York: Longman

2004        US Latinos Issues Greenwood Press

2004        Occupied America: A History of Chicanos 5th edition. New York: Longman.

2000        Occupied America: A History of Chicanos, 4th edition. New York: Addison,Wesley & Longman.

1998        Sometimes There is No Other Side: Essays on Truth and Objectivity.  Notre Dame: University of Notre Dame Press.  291 pp. Honorable Mention for Gustavus Myers Award for an Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America.

1996        Anything But Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles. (London: Verso Press, 1996), 320 pp. Recipient of the Gustavus Myers Award for an Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America.

1988        Occupied America. A History of Chicanos, 3d Edition (New York: Harper and Row), 475 pp. Recipient of the Gustavus Myers Award for an Outstanding Book on Race Relations in North America.

1988        Sound Recording Occupied America a history of Chicanos. Publication: Salt Lake City, Utah : Utah State Library Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, 1988 Document: English : Sound Recording : Non-music : Cassette tape Cassette tape

1984        Community Under Siege: A Chronicle of Chicanos East of the Los Angeles River, 1945-1975(UCLA), 560pp.

1981        El Caudillo Sonorense. Ignacio Pesqueira y sus tiempos  (Mexico D.F.: ERA), 191 pp.

l980         Occupied America. A History of Chicanos 2nd Edition (New York: Harper & Row), 437 pp.

1976        America Ocupada (Ediciones ERA), 342 pp.

1974        Sonoran Strongman: The Times of Ignacio Pesqueira (Tucson: University of Arizona Press), 179 pp.

1972        Occupied America: The Chicano Struggle Toward Liberation (New York: Harper & Row), 282 pp.

1970        Cultures in Conflict: Case Studies of the Mexican American  (Los Angeles: Charter Books), 140 pp.

1970        A Mexican American Chronicle (New York: American Book Co), 210 pp.

1969        The Story of the Mexican American (New York: American Book Co.), 140 pp.


Chapters in Books and Journal Articles:

2005        “The Illusive Race Question & Class: A Bacteria That Constantly Mutates,”Occasional Paper No. 59 Latino Studies Series  Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University

2005        The Pecking Game: A Global View of Immigration (Forthcoming in Anthology by Curtis Stokes, Michigan State University. (Forthcoming)

2000        “An Exchange of Views on Diversity, with Earl Dorris, Jim Sleeper, and Michael Lind, The New Leader, (September/October): 23-29.

2000        Reply Invited. Los Angeles Times Book Review Magazine, August 20,2000. Re: “Taking the Oath Why We Need a Revisionist History of Latinos in America,” By Gregory Rodriguez.

2000        “Truth and Objectivity And Chicano History,” In Refugio Rochin and Dennis Nodin Valdes, Voices Of A New Chicano/a History. East Lansing: Michigan University Press.

1999        “Acuña vs. The Regents of the University of California, Santa Barbara et al,” In Mapping Strategies: NACCS And The Challenge Of Multiple (Re) Oppressions:Selected Proceedings of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (Phoenix, Arizona: Editorial Orbis Press, 1999).

1999        “ The Struggle for Control of Los Angeles Government,” In Zaragosa Vargas, ed. Major Problems in Mexican American History (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1999), pp. 466-475.

1998        “The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo: Impact on Contemporary Politics,” Southwestern Law Journal V, 1 (Spring 1998): 109-119

1998        Acuna, Rodolfo. “Early Chicano activism : Zoot Suits, Sleepy Lagoon, and the road to Delano. In: Delgado, Richard and Stefancic, J., eds. The Latin@ Condition: A Critical Reader (New York: New York University, pp. 309-319.

1998        “Greasers go home : Mexican immigration, the 1920s,” Ibid. pp. 86-91.

1998        “Occupied America,” Ibid. Pp. 171-174.

1997    “Truth and Objectivity and Chicana/o Studies," Julian Samora Research Institute, Michigan State University.

1992        "Forming The Debate: The Present Interprets the Past," in Renato Rosaldo Lecture Series Monograph. Tucson: Mexican American Studies & Research Center, The University of Arizona, pp. 55-82.

1992        "Chicano Studies: A Public Trust," in CHICANO STUDIES: CRITICAL CONNECTION BETWEEN RESEARCH AND COMMUNITY. The National Association for Chicano Studies, March 1992, pp 2-13.

1990        Co-authored with Carlos Navarro, "In Search of Community: A Comparative Essay On Mexicans In Los Angeles And San Antonio," in Norman M. Klein and Martin J. Schiesl, 20th Century Los Angeles. Power, Promotion, and Social Conflict. Claremont: Regina Books, pp. 195-226.

1989        Co-authored "Afterward" in  MARKETING DISEASE TO HISPANICS by Bruce Maxwell and Michael Jacobson. Washington D.C., Center for Science in the Public Interest.

1989        "Review Essay: The Struggles of Class and Gender: Current Research in Chicano Studies." Journal of American Ethnic History (Spring 1989).

1988        La era de los corredores del poder : los anos de Rambo. In: Maciel, David R. and Saavedra, Jose Guillermo, eds. AL NORTE DE LA FRONTERA:  EL PUEBLO CHICANO. Mexico: Consejo Nacional de Poblacion, 1988, p. 321-373

1987        “English as the official language?=El ingles como idioma oficial,” In: AMERICAS 2001 Vol. 1, no. 1 (June-July, 1987), p. 6-11.

1985        “La libertad enjaulada : la expansion hacia Nuevo Mexico. In: Chicanos:(Seleccion). Compiled by Tino Villanueva. Mexico: Fondo de Cultura Economica, 1985, p. 71-103.

1982        Occupied America: A Chicano Symposium. University of Houston.

1979        Yesterday : la huelga del '33. In: NUESTRO Vol. 3, no. 2 (March, 1979), p. 49-50.

1974        "Mexican-American History: A reply," Pacific Historical Review XLIII, No.1 (February):147-150; Reprinted in Norris Hundley, Jr., ed., The Chicano. Clio Books, 1975, pp. 41-46.

1974        “Introduction from OCCUPIED AMERICA.” In: The social reality of ethnic America. Edited by Rudolph Gomez. Lexington, MA: D. C. Heath, 1974, p. 377-382.

1973        "Freedom in a Cage: The Subjugation of the Chicano People," in William H. Cartwright and Richard Watson, Jr., eds, The Reinterpretation of American History and Culture. Natl Council for the Social Sciences. 113-137.

1970        "Ignacio Pesqueira: Sonoran Caudillo," Arizona and the West, l2, No.2 (Summer), pp. 139-172.

1966-       Over 60 Course Proposals Defining the Field of Chicano Studies (See Plan de Santa Barbara, Stanford University, 1970)

1968        A Bibliographic Guide to Understanding Minority Group Children Developed with a Team for NDEA Institute (Mimeographed)

A General Guide To Understanding The Mexican-American Child by Rudy Acuña and Julian Nava (Mimeographed)


Political Essays:

1)"Hispanics stand up and finally get counted," Herald Examiner, April 27, 1986.

2)"Behind the vote for a new prison in East L.A.", Herald Examiner, July 8, 1986.

3)"Richard Alatorre, new Master of city politics," Herald Examiner, July 26, 1986.

4)"The downtown prison affair: Is there something rotten in Denmark?” Eastside Journal, August 1986.

5)"Another Prison no reward for Latino unity," Herald Examiner, Sept 11, 1986.

6)"The coming battle in the new Latino district," Herald Examiner, October 3, 1986.

7)"None dare call it racism," Herald Examiner, November 26, 1986.

8)"Keep Mahoney's AIDS decision in perspective," Herald Examiner, December 19, 1986.

9)"L.A. Latinos need a new Ed Roybal," Herald Examiner, January 23, 1987.

10)"The new Latino district needs a risk-taker," Herald Examiner, February 1, 1987.

11)"Personal power struggles can only hurt MALDEF," Herald Examiner, February 20, 1987

12)"Police brutality still alive and threatening," Herald Examiner, March 20, 1987.

13)"How not to choose Latino candidates," Herald Examiner, April 17, 1987.

14)"Put Cinco de Mayo on the wagon," Herald Examiner, May 15, 1987.

15)"Governor must curb L.A. prison obsession," Herald Examiner, June 12, 1987.

16)"The limits of working in the system," Herald Examiner, July 5, 1987.

17)"The less redevelopment on East Side, the better," Herald Examiner, July 10, 1987.

18)"Olvera Street faces wholesale changes," Herald Examiner, August 7, 1987.

19)"The Case Against Proposition 63," America 2001 (Summer 1987).

20)"The Latino L.A. Juan Pablo won't see," Herald Examiner, Sept 11, 1987.

21)"Our 'Fantasy heritage' gets royal touch," Herald Examiner, October 9, 1987.

22)"A Chicago politician worth duplicating here," Herald Examiner, November 6, 1987.

23)"A leader who represents what's best in the Latino community," Herald Examiner, December 4, 1987.     

24)"In '88, Latinos must be vigilant, and not forget," Herald Examiner, January 1, 1988.

25)"Power grabbers threaten dream of Latino museum," Herald Examiner, January 29, 1988.

26)"Taking the measure of Gloria Molina," Herald Examiner, February 5, 1988.

27)"Teachers without eyes," Herald Examiner, February 1988.

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31)"Unjust anywhere," Herald Examiner, May 6, 1988.

32)"The fire that too many are willing to forget," Herald Examiner, June 3, 1988.

33)"The young Chicano who made Latinos into kingmakers," Herald Examiner, July 1, 1988.

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35)"Segunda refutacion a Bustamante," La Opinion, July 1, 1988.

36)"The Latinas make their mark," Herald Examiner, August 5, 1988.

37)"A Democratic patron who hates trade unions," Herald Examiner, Sept 2, 1988.

38)"Latinos must beware of those Spanish-speaking candidates," Herald Examiner, October 7, 1988.

39)"Bush won't stand and deliver for Latinos," Herald Examiner, November 4, 1988.

40)"Archbishop Mahoney's bad example," Herald Examiner, November 20, 1988.

41)"Latinos must hold pols accountable to them," Herald Examiner, December 2, 1988.

42)"The real victims of the L.A. transit `peace pact'," Herald Examiner, December 22, 1988.

43)"Why aren't Latinos angry about LAPD's Chief Gates?" Herald Examiner, January 6, 1989.

44)"Diluting Latino power, pride has to be stopped," Herald Examiner, February 3, 1989.

45)"The cancer in the ranks of L.A. teachers," Herald Examiner, March 3, 1989.

46)"Once again, Latinos won't get their seat," Herald Examiner, April 7, 1989.

47)"The fate of East L.A.: One big jail," Herald Examiner, April 26, 1989.

48)"No Way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo," Herald Examiner, May 5, 1989.

49)"The man behind the battle at GM Van Nuys," Herald Examiner, June 2, 1989.

50)"The Armageddon in our back yard," Herald Examiner, July 7, 1989.

51)"We, The Community, Have a Stake In the Future of GM Van Nuys," LABOR/COMMUNITY NEWS, August-September, 1989.

52)"Don't count Cranston among Latinos' friends," Herald Examiner, August 4, 1989.

53)"Latinos' worst enemy," Herald Examiner, Sept 1, 1989.

54)"Creating another white male institution," Herald Examiner, October 6, 1989.

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