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Mon-Sat 12-4pm, Thurs 12-8pm during exhibitions

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Varies weekly, call 818-677-2156

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CSUN Art Galleries
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West Gallery Exhibition Schedule

Spring Semester 2015

artist's toolsSixth Annual High School Teachers Art Exhibition
January 12 – 31, 2015

For the fifth year in a row, we will be inviting high school teachers this year to have artwork displayed during the run of our 18th Annual High School Student Art Invitational. As with last year, the 5th Annual High School Teacher Art Invitational will be on view in the West Gallery, which is off the Main Gallery lobby.

We will accept up to two works per school and one work per teacher. Based on previous year’s participation this will fill the West Gallery, perhaps hung salon style. The work should have been completed within the last three years (2011 -2014). Please adhere to the submittal requirements that are in place for your students. If your school is interested in selecting 2 teachers to represent your school, please fill out the teachers submittal form and either email or fax to the address or fax number below. Delivery and drop off dates are the same dates and times as your student’s works.


tree and space probeFaculty Focus: Ken Jones (image attached, metatag..piece with tree and sci-fi probe above)
February 4-19

Artist Reception: Saturday, February 14 4-7pm

Haitian artist in front of his paintingsHaiti is a Nation of Artists (image attached, metatag..photo of Haitian artist in front of his paintings)
February 21 – 26

CSUN Photo Club
February 27 – March 5

March 6 – 12

CSUN Illustration Club
March 13-21

shoes on blacktopWalterio Iraheta: Encontrados Found (image attached, metatag..photo of a variety of scattered shoes)
March 24 – April 2

Artist Reception: Tuesday, March 24 5-7pm

CSUN Painting Guild
April 12 – 16

Heather Matiko, Master of Arts Art Education
April 17 – 22

CSUN Student Armenian Society (TBD)
April 23-29


Fall Semester 2014

Kari Reardon sculptureFaculty Focus:  Kari Reardon
August 25 – September 6

Artist Reception: Saturday, September 6  4-7pm

picture entitled SWARMMary Hood, Swarm, 2014

Route 66, Westbound to Paradise
September 10 – 18

Route 66 is known as the “road to opportunity” linking Chicago to Los Angeles beginning in the mid 1920s.  The road functions as a metaphorical bridge, connecting the country socially and culturally.  Bringing people to paradisiacal California, Route 66 during that time was considered the route to a better life.  Highlighting each of the 20 printmakers style and their take on the shows theme, this exhibition represents the works of the following artists; Fawn Atencio, Mildred Beltre, Laura Berman, Catherine Chauvin, Leslie Friedman, Nabil Gonzalez, Kazuko Goto, Manuel Guerra, Mary Hood, Michael Litzauand,
Toni Mosley, Jill McKeown, Althea Murphy-Price, Maria Pujol, Bryan Ritchie, Kimberly Anderson Ritchie, Mark Ritchie, Michelle Rozic, Dani Triay and Chinn Wang.

CSUN Photo Club
Oct 17-30

CSUN Sculpture Club
Oct 31-Nov 13

CSUN Ceramics Guild
Nov 14-26

CSUN VISCOM/Graphic Design 
Dec 5-18


Spring Semester 2014

High School Teachers
Jan 13 – Feb 1, 2014

Feb 4 –13

pilgrim and native AmericanFaculty Focus:  Amanda Keller Konya, photography
February 15- March 6

Artist Reception:  Saturday, February 15  4-7pm

Visiting Artists from Bejing
March 7 -13

CSUN Painting Guild
March 14 –27

CSUN Photo Club
March 28- April 9

CSUN Art Education
April 11-24

artwork from radioactive displayRadioactive Seafood Market
April 14 – 24, 2014
Reception:  Fri. April 18  7-9pm 

After the Fukushima nuclear reactor disaster, Art Education students imagine the future of ocean life on our planet.

CSUN Illustration Club
April 25-May 8

Layered Exhibit poster

Layered: Collage Artists of America Juried Member Exhibition
June 14 – July 1, 2014
Reception & Awards:  Sat. June 14  4-6pm 

Gallery Hours are
Mon-Sat / 12-4pm


Fall Semester 2013

Picture by Eleanore RembaumFaculty Focus: Eleanore Rembaum, printmaking
August 26 – September 7 

(closed September 2) 
Artist Reception: Saturday, September 7  4-7pm

CSUN Photo Club 
Sept. 21- 26

CSUN Painting Guild 
Sept 28 – Oct  9

Visting Artist:  Zumin Wang
Chinese Fairytales
Oct 12 –17

Visiting Artist: Stephanie McMillan
Oct 19-24

Visting Artists:  Jeff&Gordon
Temporarily Embarrassed
Oct 26-Nov 7

Ira Korwin MA, Art Education 
Oct  19 – Oct 24

LAPS logo CSUN Printmaking Society 
in conjunction with the LA Printmaking Society 

November 16 - 21 

Monotype is a painterly printmaking process where unique impressions are created by inking, painting, wiping ink and/or pressing textured inked items on a smooth plate and then transferring the resulting image to paper with an etching press. Artists will create prints 
during a monotype marathon workshop in the CSUN  printmaking studios November 9th and 10th.  Workshop prints will display along side CSUN printmaking student work in this exhibition. 

For more information, go to laprintmakers.com

SAGA:  Students Advertising Graphics Assoc.
Nov 22 – Dec 4


Spring Semester 2013

Drew Dominick sculpture

Faculty Focus:  Drew Dominick (sculpture)
Feb. 9 – 23

Artist Reception: Feb. 9  4-7 pm


Fall Semester 2012

Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City No.28, 2006

Liu Bolin: The Sociology of the Invisible Body
August 27 - September 15 
(closed Sept 3)

Reception: Saturday, September 8 / 4-7 pm
Gallery Talk: Wednesday, September 5 / 10 am

Through artworks by internationally acclaimed Chinese artist Liu Bolin, this exhibition explores the interaction of art and society in contemporary China and the complex relationship between individuals and the living environment that they both rely upon and are confined within. The exhibition is curated by Art History Professor Meiqin Wang and organized by her Spring 2012 Exhibition Design course.

Image credit:  Liu Bolin, Hiding in the City No.28, 2006

To learn more, click here.

Also view  http://www.cncworld.tv/news/v_show/27592_Sociology_of_invisible_body.shtml


Burning Wall Street
September 22- October 13

Closing Reception: Saturday, October 13 / 4-7 pm 

The Burning Wall Street installation combines a miniaturized Wall Street replete with matchstick banks and mixed media “occupiers” and the infamous burning bank paintings by artist Alex Schaefer, whose work inspired this project. Organized by Art Education Professor Edie Pistolesi, with 150 students participating in creating this project, Burning Wall Street is dedicated to the “99%.”

Image credit: Alex Shafer, Burning Chase

Burning Wall Street with Alex Schaefer by Eric Minh Swenson  

CSUN Printmaking
Society  Oct 19 – 25, 2012

CSUN Ceramic Guild  
October 26 – November 1, 2012

CSUN Photo Club
 Nov 2 – 8, 2012

CSUN Painting Guild  
Nov 30- Dec 6, 2012


Spring Semester 2012


Faculty Focus: Joe Bautista, interactive design
February 11- 23, 2012
Artist Reception, Feb. 11 4-7 pm

Fantastic Blackness:
The Art and Politics of the Black Superhero

February 25 - March 10, 2012
Opening Reception, Feb. 25 4-7 pm

Youth Art Month: Preserving the Arts Through
Creativity and Advocacy

March 16 -22, 2012


CSUN Illustration Club
March 23 ­ April 17, 2012


CSUN Art Education:
Resilience and Transformation

April 20 - 26, 2012

CSUN Photo Club
May 4 -10

CSUN Sculpture Club
Apr 27-May 3


Past Main Gallery Exhibitions