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If you are an Asian American or Pacific Islander student organization and would like to be included in this list, please let the webmaster know and provide information about your group.


By Ethnicity:

Filipino-American Student Assocation (FASA)

The Filipino-American Student Assocation provides activities that promote closer unity among Filipino-Americans and involves Filipino-Americans in the propagation and maintenance of the Filipino cultural and historical heritage. FASA was chartered in 1982 and is the oldest active API group on campus. The faculty advisor is Professor Allan Aquino.


Japanese Student Association


The Japanese Student Association strives to introduce the Japanese language and cultures, produce internal and external sociable events, mediate informational needs, and compensate contingencies through its efforts.


Korean American Student Association (KASA)

  • To be a member oriented organization accommodating the needs and desires of members
  • To stand firm as an organization for the members, by the members, of the members
  • To work in union with other organizations both of Korean alliance and mainstream American affiliation
  • To discover our Korean heritage and build our Korean pride, at the same time finding our place within the dominant American culture
  • To extend a helping hand to our school and community
  • To join our voices as a group and together make our voice heard
  • To join in fellowship to create life-long bonds and friendships
  • To find our roots and develop our distinct identity as a Korean American
  • To fight against oppression and discrimination stemming from minority-majority race relations


Nikkei Student Union (NSU)

The Nikkei Student Union is a student club promoting Japanese cultural heritage. Prof. Gina Masequesmay is the faculty advisor.


Northridge Indonesian Student Association (N.I.S.A.)

Northridge Indonesian Student Association strives to gather Indonesian and California State University, Northridge students into a community where they can meet, interact, and learn more about Indonesian culture. The faculty advisor is Professor Edith Chen.


South Asian Club (SAC)

The South Asian Club cultivates a spirit of appreciation toward to South Asian history, heritage and culture, and creates an organization where South Asians can come together as part of a distinct cultural group.


Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

The group is organizing to be chartered. Interested students should visit CSUN VSU facebook for more information. The faculty advisor is Professor Gina Masequesmay.

By Social Justice Issues:

Culturally Innovative Talented Youth (C.I.T.Y.)

Culturally Innovative Talented Youth (C.I.T.Y.) is an organization helping to promote the hobbies and artistic talents of students within CSUN as well as the Asian American community in a constructive and socially meaningful manner. The organization will also promote excellence in academic achievement within the students. The goal of the organization is to encourage group self esteem and an appreciation of diversity.


Dreams to be Heard (Dreams)

Dreams to be Heard strives to provide a support system for AB-540 or any students who are struggling to reach their higher educational goals and to educate students and faculty about the AB-540 legislation.


EOP Student Association (EOP)

The purpose of this organization is to provide support and programming focusing on the academic achievement, development, and growth of students. They will provide leadership opportunities, event and programs to increase social awareness.


Fraternity & Sorority:

Alpha Psi Rho Fraternity


Alpha Psi Rho's Beta Chapter began when 5 members came together seeking to find unity amongst the Asian American and Pacific Islander community in and around California State University Northridge. Already established in the San Diego area, these 5 brothers sought to establish Alpha Psi Rho in their community to present themselves as a premiere organization dedicated to preserving and presenting the Asian American/Pacific Islander (aka API) culture. On September 1st, 2003, Alpha Psi Rho: Beta Chapter was established in California State University Northridge, with the four core beliefs of brotherhood, academics, prosperity, and strength.


  • To maintain, support, foster, and encourage the importance of academic excellence
  • To provide a union whereupon members will be able to look towards each other for Brotherhood, friendship, and support.
  • To promote Asian/Pacific Islander awareness and culture throughout the university and surrounding community.
  • To instill leadership qualities


  • Lotus Festival in Echo Park
  • Chinatown New Years Parade
  • Festival of Philippine Arts and Culture
  • Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
  • Various Asian American Studies events





Delta Lambda Chi Sorority

Delta Lambda Chi is an Asian American Sorority that was established at California State University, Northridge on May 13, 2007. Delta Lambda Chi, Beta Chapter began with 4 dynamic women striving to develop well-balanced women on the foundations of Sisterhood, Service, Leadership, and Academics.

Delta Lambda Chi aspires to bond dignified individuals who are dedicated to the values of moral excellence and everlasting sisterhood. As we strive to elicit the highest quality in service, leadership, and academic aptitude, we also commit ourselves to experiences that enhance our character and enrich our minds. The memories we share mark an indelible journey through our college years that is symbolic of loyalty, perseverance, and personal achievement.

For more information:
Visit our website: www.csundlc.com
Email us: dlc.beta@gmail.com