California State University, Northridge
Department of Educational Psychology & Counseling-----Memorandum

Date: April 22, 1996

Subject: Career Counseling Curriculum Cycle* from GCJ.

As of September, 1996 the following schedule is in effect for career course offerings. This is important for both PPS and Career students. Career M.S. and Graduate Certificate students not making appropriate plans will have to delay beginning the 659CD practicum classes in the third semester of the program. PPS students not making appropriate plans within this curriculum cycle may delay their graduation plans.


---------------Course Title------------------------Semester Offered
EPC 657A--Seminar in Career Counseling Theory (3)//F,Sp,SS EPC 657B--Seminar in Career Counseling Resources (3)//Sp Only EPC 653---Measurement in School and Career Counseling(3)//Sp Only EPC 660---Counseling for Career Adjustment & Change (3)//F Only EPC 659C--Fieldwork in Career Counseling (3)//F Only EPC 659D--Fieldwork in Career Counseling (3)//Sp Only EPC 662---Current Issues in Career Counseling (3)//Sp Only EPC 607---Motivation in Educational Psychology (3)//F Only
Note: For the availability of Mgt 670, Soc 400, or SPED 612, Check with those departments for their curricular cycle.
* [F=Fall Semester; Sp=Summer Semester; SS=Summer Session] Additional Notes:
  1. EPC 653 and 657AB are required to take part in any fieldwork or internship experience. There are few exceptions.
  2. EPC 660 is a class that should be completed near the end of your program. It is designed to assist you in developing a project that may be expanded for use as a thesis/project in completing the M.S. degree. It can not be taken until you've completed at least one semester of fieldwork (659C or 659D).
  3. EPC 662 is a topical class. By Fall '97, students will be able to take this class more than once for credit. At present, it can only be taken for credit once. It is intended as a capstone class during or after EPC 659D.
  4. Good planning for Career and PPS students involves taking both 653 and 657B in the spring semester. The 657A class can be taken in summer, fall, or spring.

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