Pan African Studies 097


California State University, Northridge
Summer Bridge 1996
by Johnie H. Scott, Assistant Professor

Summer Bridge Syllabus    Course Objectives

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Week No. 1 Life Management Competencies

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  Effective Listening and Note Taking
 Guidelines for the Common Essay
 The Life Chances of Black Youth
 The 9 Step Life Management Plan
 The Issues and Concepts Portfolio

 A Question of Language

Week No. 2 Primary Survival Skills for the University

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  The Looping Technique
  The Cubing Technique
  The Personal Experience Essay
  Transitional Words
  My First White Friend
  Standards vs. Graduation Rates
 Maceo and Diane

Week No. 3 Midterm Examinations

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  The Principles of Coordination and Subordination
  The Film Evaluation

Week No. 4 Critical Thinking in Reading and Writing

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  Message to the Grassroots
  The Annotated Bibliography
  The Priniciples of Argumentation

Week No. 5 "The Olympics of the Mind": Summer Bridge Finals

This Week's Course Schedule

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