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It was fun while it lasted.
I received the following email this morning (8/13/02):

    Hello Bamdad,
    My name is Aaron Kirby with Universal Press Syndicate, the syndication company for comics such as Garfield, Cathy, Bizarro, Close to Home, Ziggy and more. Your web site, is displaying comics by Universal Press Syndicate and Tribune Media creators without a contract to do so and therefore are in violation of copyright infringement.

    Below is a list of comics which I found published on your site:
    Bound and Gagged
    Broom Hilda
    Calvin and Hobbes
    Close to Home
    The Far Side
    Fox Trot
    Fred Basset
    In The Bleachers (which also includes the comic "Ballpark Figure" by Unknown Moore
    Non Sequitur
    Real Life Adventures
    That's Jake

    Please remove the images immediately and reply to this message once you have done so. Your full cooperation is very much appreciated. Thank you.
    Aaron Kirby

    ____________________, an Andrews McMeel Universal company
    direct - 816-360-6987

Thank you for all your support and kind words through the years.
Corporate greed wins again.
If you have a complaint, you can write them.

Meanwhile try the following site: Math Comic Strips at John Handley High School

Bamdad Samii

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