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ChaserNews - Volume IV Contents

Volume IV, Issue III (1998); 28 pgs

  • Design and Redesign of the Heart
    - The Amnon Rosenthal Symposium

  • Pulmonary Hypertension in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
    by Thomas Kulik, MD; Pediatric Cardiologist

  • School Heart Kids
    by James H. Myers; issues of special education in the public school

  • Standards for information and care delivery?
    by James H. Myers
    (Editorial discussing need for standardized delivery of information and care to families/children with chd)

  • Important reminder
    (Let CHASER know of address and area code changes; the News has gotten bigger and is published more sporadically.)

  • Mom surprises CHASER with Beanie Baby Raffle
    (Heart Mom/neonatal ICU nurse directs proceeds to CHASER)

  • American match wanted for British baby
    (child with cleft mandible [chin]/heart defects)

  • Friends in DENMARK
    (The Story of Annemarie; photos of five Danish children with HLHS)

  • From the Hearts of Siblings
    (Steven’s message to his little brother Nick)

  • “Little Moments”
    (parents share their little moments)

  • In ‘and out of’ the News
        -Heart defect linked to SIDS
        -Clinton supports health care ‘bill of rights’
        -Update on 'heart of it all’ — program adds choice
        -Hollywood film legend helps fight congenital heart disease
        -Hosmer Fund helps area families
        -Camping out '98 to be held for U of M patients and their families
        -Canada group plans family - professional conference
        -ICD Seminar for youth and young adults
        -Alliance for Genetic Support Groups '98 Membership Meeting
        -This Water's COLD! (dad offers helpful tip for kids who like to swim)
        -Australia's ‘Heart Kids’ lose past president

  • Books for Your Library
    (Kara Mia; Special Children, Challenged Parents)

  • CHASER’s Pediatric Heart Surgeon & Facility Directory
    (available only while supply lasts)

  • Dear Chaser...
    (parent letters)

  • Tree of Hearts...
    see 'em grow
    (photos and age-comparison photos of children with chd)

  • Knowledge Corner
    (knowledge tidbit - Early stage of normal heart development)

  • Fun Corner
    (word search)

  • Volume IV, Issue II (1997); 32 pgs

  • CHASER's Pediatric Heart Surgeon & Facility Directory is completed!
    (details of CHASER's newly published book, and order form included)

  • Fixing the Heart of it All
    by James H. Myers (8-page personal account of the writer's experience; both as a consumer and advocate for children, and families, within Ohio's program for medically handicapped children).

  • Carolyn's Letter
    by L. Grant Hamby
    (a special tribute to a very special person and loving wife)

  • "Dear Chaser"
    (letters from the parents of children with CHD)

  • Tree of Hearts
    (nearly 80 photos of "Heart Kids" - plus, a call for comparative photos to show 'kids on the grow', being planned for future issue)

  • CHD Research needs your help
    Ray Runyan, M.D., Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy at the University of Arizona, explains how government research grants evolve, and the need for more parents to become involved in the process; ensuring that CHD research continues.

  • Support Issues Evaluated by Parents
    Special Briefs from CHASER's National Heart Parent Survey (tables)
    Parents rate the importance of several factors involved when seeking support from other parents. Plus, survey results showing government sponsored assistance program denials and appeals; and the parents' view of health care reform.

  • New Recommendations for Prevention of Bacterial Endocarditis - in the dental patient
    (excerpted information from AHA's 1997 Current Recommendations - listing three at-risk categories, and more)

  • From the Heart of Siblings
    (the brothers and sisters have a place in CHASER News too!)

  • Volume IV, Issue I (1996); 12 pgs

  • Dear Chaser... (Special - "Big Kids Write In")

  • 5 Steps to Prepare for Cardiac Surgery
    by Jean Clabough, RN

  • Sibling Poetry
    (poems and letters from siblings)

  • Homeschooled Children with Disabilities Denied Therapy
    (from Homeschooler's Newsletter, April 5, 1996; author: Teddi Sobin)

  • Little Moments
    (Mom gets her reward for warning the other children about Sissy's meds)

  • Book ads:
    "Sports and Exercise for Children with Chronic Health Conditions"
    (from Human Kinetics, Barry Goldberg, MD, Editor)

  • "My Brother Matthew"
    (from Woodbine House, written and illustrated by Mary Thompson)

  • "Matty's Heart - A Child's and Parents' Guide to Open Heart Surgery"
    "Matty's Heart Cath - Story and Coloring Book"
    (from Medical Storybooks, by Jean Clabough, RN)

  • "Tree of Hearts"
    (28 photos of "Heart Kids"...big and little)

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