Math 462 Syllabus
Spring, 2013 


Textbook:        Linear Algebra Done Right, 2nd edition, by Sheldon Axler


Coverage: Chapters 17


Practice Problems:      Assigned every time in class

No late papers accepted


Required Written Test/Homework Format

  Be neat

  Plenty space for margin

  Double space

  Single column

  Start every sentence with a new line and proper indent

  Reasoning is more important than answer

  Every line of work must be justified by adequate reasoning


Monthly Tests: 2/13, 3/13, 4/17
                          100 points each
                          The worst test score is to be dropped
                          Absolutely no make-up test


Final exam:       3 - 5 pm, Wednesday, 5/15
                          200 points


Grading:           homework       150 points                    A:      85% or better
                          2 best tests      200 points                     B:      70% or better
                          final exam        200 points                      C:      60% or better
                               Total          550 points                       D:      50% or better