Math 150B (15163) Syllabus
Spring, 2013



Students with C+ or lower grade in prerequisite must enroll in Math 150B Lab concurrently.


Textbook:        Calculus by Stewart, 7th edition

Objective:        To Cover Chapters 6-8, 10,11

Graphing calculators recommended

Homework:    Book written assignments
WebWork online assignments
                         No credit after deadline


See WebWork Instructions in footnote


Required Written Work/Test Format:

 Be neat

 Plenty space for margin

 Double space

 Single column

 Start every sentence with a new line and proper indent

 Reasoning is more important than answer

 Every line of work must be justified by adequate reasoning


Tests:   2/7, 2/28, 3/21, 4/18
                          100 points each
                          The worst test score is to be dropped
                          Absolutely no make-up test


For Semester Review Problems (i.e., Sample Final Exam),


Final exam:
       11:30am-1:30pm, Saturday, 5/11, CR 5117
                          200 points


Grading:              homework    100                A:   85% or better
3 best tests     300                B:   70% or better
                             final exam       200               C:   60% or better
                               total             600                D:   50% or better


Moodle/WeBWorK Instructions


If you have not used the Math Department Moodle in a previous course, activate your Moodle account (Math Department Moodle, not CSUN Moodle), by following the instructions for initial login given at

To enroll in our Moodle course, continue with the instructions (Enrollment key is 15163) given at

Once you have set up your Moodle account, you access homework assignments by going to

Log in.

On the next web page, select this course.

On the next web page, select the WeBWorK problem set you want to work on.

Click on "Download a hardcopy of this homework set" and then "Generate hardcopy for selected sets and selected users."

Print out the problem set (and repeat the above if the assignment involves more than one set.)

Log out of WeBWorK and then out of Moodle.

When you are ready to submit your answers, log into this class again.

Click on the name of the current problem set.

Click on a problem.

Type in your answer and click on "Submit Answers." (If you have a mistake, you can put in a new answer immediately or you can put in a new answer later after you have reworked the problem.)

Click on the next problem, and continue as above.

When you are done, log out. (You can log in again at any later time before the due date if you didn't finish or if you want to change something.)