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You may recall some of those long-ago newspaper movies, such as the classic "Front Page," and the copy editors, sleeves rolled up and wearing their green eyeshades.

Green eyeshade editors of the past struggled to improve the scribblings of reporters and wire services with pencil and paper, paste pot and scissors. They were devoted to the precise use of language and the preservation of grammar, usage, nuances, facts. Content of stories, significance of events, impact of the information on citizens and readers - and more, much more. Breadth and depth. They prided themselves in crafting brilliant headlines and condensing stories for the sake of space but at the same time retaining brilliant kernels - golden nuggets of prose.

Who is DeWayne B. Johnson, Doc Johnson? Top

Dr. DeWayne B. (Doc) Johnson is a retired professor of journalism at California State University, Northridge, and a retired desk editor of the Los Angeles Times.

As a professor of journalism he taught beginning and advance writing and editing courses, photojournalism, public relations, history, ethics, introduction to the mass media, and a variety of graduate seminars and other courses as the need arose. He was twice honored by the California Newspaper Publishers Association as the outstanding professor of journalism in California.

As an active journalist he worked over the years as a wire service correspondent, and a radio news editor, as a television host. He worked on the copy desks, news desks of two major newspapers - the San Diego Union and the Los Angeles Times. He worked on numerous desks over the years - sports, financial, editorial pages; metropolitan, national, foreign; suburban editions, as makeup editor, as photo editor, assistant Sunday editor. The list goes on.

There was a time way back when he figuratively wore the "green eyeshade," editing with pencil, pastepot and scissors. And he was among those who enjoyed adapting to the electronic age, writing and editing on the computer, communicating with correspondents.

He shared in two Pulitzer Prizes awarded the Los Angeles Times for its coverage of two disastrous riots. He is today very much one of the modern electronic breed.

What can an editorial consultant, redactor do for you? Top

If you require writing, editing, brainstorming help in any form, you may well benefit from the aid of an editorial consultant. Redactor is simply a fancy word for someone who fine tunes, readies material in its final fashion before going to print.

In a redactor you would find someone able to unblock your writer's block, to aid you as a ghost writer in telling your story, in putting a polish to your masters thesis or doctoral dissertation, in making sense out of the story of yourself or your company before taking it to the stockholders or to the public. He doesn't much want to write your term paper, but he can certainly give you feedback on what you have written and how you could make it better, make it sparkle. He can aid you in improving your writing, in helping you navigate the treacherous shoals of the English language. The list goes on and on.

How do we get in touch? Top

If you are interested in learning more about the role of an editorial consultant, please feel free to contact me,

(818) 349-4573

If all else fails, use snail mail addressed to:
Dr. DeWayne B. Johnson
10118 Aldea Avenue
Northridge, CA 91325-1547

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