M. Ali Tabidian, Ph.D. and REA
Professor of Hydrogeology
California State University, Northridge

          Department of Geological Sciences
          California State University, Northridge
          18111 Nordhoff Street
          Northridge, CA 91330-8266

          Office: Live Oak Hall, Room 1232
          Office Hours (Fall 2007):  0800-1000 Thursdays
          Phone:  (818) 677-2536
          Fax:  (818) 677-2820
          Email:  ali.tabidian@csun.edu

          Geology of Planet Earth
          Environmental Science
          Environmental Geology (Syllabus and Course Reader)
          Waste Water/Drinking Water Treatment
          Groundwater Computer Modeling (Syllabus)

          Stream/Aquifer Hydraulics, Water Quality (Surface and Ground
          Water) and Application of Groundwater Models (Numerical and Analytical).

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I.  Masters Theses in Progress
George Clark
            Numerical Modeling of a Groundwater Dewatering Project in Simi Valley, Ventura County, CA
Mark Gannett
           Hydrogeologic Characteristics of Aquifer (s) Underlying Sepulveda Basin, West San Fernando Valley, California
Colleen Garcia
           Hydrogeology of the Upper-Reach Areas (Canyons) of the Los Angeles River Drainage Basin in Western San Fernando Valley, CA
Rana Khan
           Groundwater Modeling of Eastern Half of Simi Valley Using U.S.G.S. MODFLOW, Ventura County, CA
Eric Margrave
            Numerical Simulation of a Proposed Artificial Recharge System in Antelope Valley Wash, California
Kenda Neil
           Hydrostratigraphy and Aquifer Characteristics of the South Las Posas Basin, Ventura county, California
Anita Regmi
           Characterization of Vadose Zone and Assessing Enhanced Recharge Potential in Headwater Areas of Western San Fernando Valley,            California
Snejana Toneva
           Temporal and Spatial Distribution and Potential Sources of Perchlorate in Soils and Water Resources of Ventura County and San
           Fernando Valley
, California
II.  Masters Theses
Miles, Jack, 2007.  Water Quality and Land Use in Western San Fernando Valley Canyons
          and Tributary Streams. (Chair)
Kear, Jordan, 2005.  Hydrogeology of the Ojai Groundwater Basin: Storativity and
          Confinement, Ventura County, California. (Chair)  
McCord, Brian, 2001. Hydrogeochemistry and Isotopic Analyses of the Fractured
          Volcanic Aquifer System of Mount Shasta, Siskiyou County, California. (Chair)
Tersibashian, Nuna, 2001. Characterization and Quantification of Non-point Source Water
          Pollutants Emphasizing Chloride and Nitrate in Simi Valley, Ventura County,
          California. (Chair)
Davila, Jose, 1998.  Fluid Mechanics of Horizontal Radial Flow in Porous Medium as
          Applied to Soil Decontamination by Bio-Slurping. (Member)
Bonds, Christopher, 1998.  Reactant Sand Fracking - A Pilot Study of an Innovative In
          Situ Groundwater Remediation Technology for Fractured Bedrock Aquifers.
Schaaf, Joseph, 1998.  Hydrogeology of the Tierra Rejada Groundwater Basin, Ventura
          County, California. (Chair)
          Evensen, James, 1997.  Hydrogeology of the Simi Valley Hydrologic Basin, Ventura
          County, California. (Chair)
Clasen, Christopher, 1997.  Modeling the Influence of Air Sparging on Soil Vapor
          Extraction. (Member)
Gossell, Melissa, 1996.  Application of Impeller Flowmeter
          and Discrete Water Sampling Techniques for Improved Groundwater Well
          Construction. (Chair)
          Larson, Robert, 1995.  Stability of Soil on Natural Slopes. (Member)
Copeland, Jeff, 1992.  Hydrogeologic Study of the Upper Water Bearing Zone in the
          Palos Verdes Landfill, Los Angeles County, California. (Chair)
III.  Senior Theses/Capstone Papers
Shannan Garrison, 2006.  Estimation of Infiltration Rates of Soils at Selected Sites in the
          Upper Los Angeles Area, San Fernando Valley, California.
Jeffrey M. Woolford, 2005.  Sources of Arsenic in Surface Waters of Tapo Canyon and Its
          Potential Groundwater Impact, Simi Valley, California. 
          Robert M. Sabater, 2003.  Evaluation of Perchlorate in Simi Valley, California.
          Bart Lennehan, 2001.  Environmental Impact of Gold Mining in Southern California.
Robert Schlunegger, 2001.  Perchlorate in Chatsworth Formation and Alluvial Deposits of
          the Western End of the Simi Valley.
          Jennifer Battle, 1998.  Integrating Local River Systems into Elementary Education.
          Stephen Elliott, 1995. Groundwater Analysis of Both Overall Quality and Individual Ion
         Concentrations Spanning Simi Valley.
Denise Hale, 1994.  Hydrogeology and Analytical Groundwater Computer Modeling of
          California State University, Northridge, CA.