Sunday, June 18, 2006

Hiking on June 18 started on Angeles Crest Highway, turned onto Lone Pine Canyon Road (a paved road built along the San Andreas fault zone, and finished on the Pacific Crest Trail. Junction of Pine St. with Angeles Crest Highway in Wrightwood (5,960 ft) - 0.7 mi - junction of Angeles Crest Highway and Lone Pine Canyon Road (5,840 ft); turn right on Lone Pine Canyon Road - 3.9 mi - pass junction with Forest Road 3N31 (5,000 ft) - 2.6 mi - junction with Forest Road 3N29 (3,940 ft) - 1.2 mi - junction with Forest Road 3N28; bear right onto 3N28 (3,687 ft) - 0.5 mi - junction with Pacific Crest Trail; turn left onto Pacific Crest Trail (3,560 ft) - 3.1 mi - cross under power lines (3,360 ft) - 1.2 mi - cross Southern Pacific RR tracks (3,020 ft) - 1.2 mi - arrive at Interstate Highway 15 at the east end of the San Gabriel Mountains (2,950 ft). Total distance = 14.4 mi. General elevation gain = 400 feet. General elevation loss = 3,410 feet.

Geology included Pelona Schist, San Andreas fault, Cajon Valley fault, Cretaceous granodiorite, unconformably overlain by Miocene marine Vaqueros Fm. and Miocene nonmarine Cajon Valley Fm.

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Day 9 Group

We forgot to take a picture at the Pines Motel when the six hikers started off, so this one taken at the end of the day will have to suffice for hiker introductions. Sue and I were accompanied for the day by, left to right, Stephanie Kyriazis (CSUN geology graduate student), Beige Berryman (USC graduate student), and Taylor Anderson-McGill (CSUN ecology graduate student). Marilyn Hanna (friend and supporter of the CSUN Geological Sciences Department) also hiked with us for the first 8 miles. She is shown in photo three.

On the Trail 1

Our route for the first eight miles or so took us down Lone Pine Canyon Road which follows a wide valley eroded along the San Andreas fault. It was very warm and shadeless, but there was a mild breeze. Marilyn, Stephanie, Beige, Taylor, and Sue enjoy the flowers along the way.

Lunch 1

Marilyn had her vehicle parked near where we planned on rejoining the Pacific Crest Trail. We arrived there about 12:30 p.m. for lunch. Marilyn and I ate in the shade of her liftgate, while Sue enjoyed the soft seat in the vehicle.

Lunch 2

Meanwhile, Stephanie, Beige, and Taylor sought out a bit of shade under a nearby bush for their lunch. After lunch, Marilyn headed for home and the rest of us proceeded on the Pacific Crest Trail toward Cajon Pass. Marilyn's participation in the hike was greatly appreciated.

On the Trail 2

Hiking once again on the Pacific Crest Trail was more pleasant than on the pavement of Lone Pine Canyon Road. At the lower elevations of the east end of the San Gabriel Mountains, chaparral replaces the pines and firs found at Wrightwood.

On the Trail 3

The Pacific Crest Trail followed the ridge lines through an area called the Mormon Rocks where badlands topography prevailed.


Near the end of the hike, the Pacific Crest Trail went through a culvert under a railroad track. It was the coolest place we had been in since early in the morning.

Gene and Sue at the End

After nine days and 109 miles we made it to the east end of the San Gabriel Mountains. The mountains in the background are in the San Bernardino Mountains and the bushes behind our van hide Interstate Highway 15. Photo number 1 shows Stephanie, Beige, and Taylor at the end of the hike. We enjoyed their company throughout the day.

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