Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hiking on June 17 started on the Pacific Crest Trail, turned onto the Acorn Trail, and finished on surface streets in Wrightwood. Vincent Gap (6,585 ft) - 0.8 mi - cross Forest Road 3N26 (7,220 ft) - 1.5 mi - pass trail to Jackson Flat Group Camp (7,480 ft) - 1.3 mi - Grassy Hollow (7,300 ft) - 1.0 mi - cross Angeles Crest Highway (7,386 ft) - 2.2 mi - Blue Ridge Camp (7,910 ft) - 0.5 mi - small reservoir (8,115 ft) - 2.3 mi - Guffy Camp (8,225 ft) - 0.9 mi - junction with Acorn Trail; turn left onto Acorn Trail (8,250 ft) - 2.1 mi - south end of Acorn Dr. in Wrightwood (6,540 ft); continue north on Acorn Dr.; turn right on Pheasant Rd.; turn left on Spruce St. - 1.3 mi - junction of Spruce St. with Angeles Crest Highway in Wrightwood (5,960 ft). Total distance = 13.9 mi. General elevation gain = 1,845 feet. General elevation loss = 2,470 feet.

Geology included Pelona Schist, San Andreas fault.

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Ready to Go

We started the hike on Day 8 with (left to right) Susie and Jarry Bartz (members of the Coast Geological Society), Humberto Badillo (Arizona State University student), Topanga (Humberto's dog), me, and Sue (who is taking the photo). Mount Baden Powell is in the background.

On the Trail 1

Here we see Humberto, Jarry, Susie, and Sue hiking along the white-fir-covered Pacific Crest Trail below Jackson Flat.

Grassy Hollow Group

The weekend of June 17 and 18 (hiking Days 8 and 9) was designated CSUN Alumni Weekend and CSUN alumni and faculty were encouraged to join the hike. At Grassy Hollow Visitor's Center we added four new hikers to the group. Left to right are Humberto, Diane Phillips (CSUN geology alumnus from Carson Valley, Nevada), Pam Irvine (from the California Geological Survey in Los Angeles), Vicki Pedone (CSUN Geology Faculty and Associate Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics), Topanga, Sue, Susie, Jarry, and Bob Clover (CSUN geology alumnus from Prescott, Arizona). Diane was on her second day with us and Pam was hiking for the fourth time.

On the Trail 2

With Sue leading the way, the group climbs along the Pacific Crest Trail up to Inspiration Point. Shady groves of white fir were interspersed with open, sunny, chaparral-covered areas.

Inspiration Point Group

After a pleasant morning hike, Susie and Jarry left us at Inspiration Point, and we picked up (on the left) Ian and Doug Yule. Doug is a CSUN Geology Faculty member and Ian, his son, was the youngest hiker to accompany us.

On the Trail 3

Here's the group hiking along the crest of Blue Ridge on the Pacific Crest Trail. The upper terminus of one of the chair lifts at the Mountain High Ski Area is on the right and Mount Baden Powell is in the background on the left.

Blue Ridge Group

At Blue Ridge Campground we stopped for lunch and added five more hikers to the group. Left to right in the back row are Gene, Pam, John Pepitone (CSUN College of Science and Mathematics Development Officer), Vicki, Natasha Galvez (CSUN geology alumnus and high school science teacher), George Dunne (CSUN Geology Emeritus Faculty), and Bob. Left to right in the front row are Adriano DeFreitas (computer graphics technician), Roberta Harma (CSUN geology alumnus and Moorpark College Geology Faculty member), Diane, Ian, Doug, Topanga, and Humberto.

On the Trail 5

John, Pam, Vicki, and Sue make their way along the Pacific Crest Trail between Blue Ridge and Guffy Campgrounds.

On the Trail 6

Following a little behind the previous group were Topanga, Roberta, Adriano, Diane, Bob, and Humberto. George and Natasha, with their long legs, were usually in the front of the group. Ian, who found countless things along the trail to attract his attention, and dad Doug commonly brought up the rear.

Acorn Trail Group 1

At the junction of the Pacific Crest and Acorn Trails we paused for a rest and a group picture. Ian, George, and Doug made a totem pole representing various moods encountered on geology field trips.

Acorn Trail Group 2

Apparently we hadn't counted correctly before we took the previous photo. Adriano, who had been engrossed in photography, and Roberta caught up to us just as we were about to leave. So we took another photo to record the moment and added Natasha and George so that you could see George without his tongue sticking out.

On the Acorn Trail

Our knees and feet took a beating as we hiked three miles downhill on the Acorn Trail to Wrightwood.

Wrightwood Group

We made it to Wrightwood and relaxed in the shade at the Pines Motel where many of us were staying for the night. Fourth from the left in the back row is Marilyn Hanna (friend and supporter of the CSUN Geological Sciences Department) who joined us for dinner and for the hike on Sunday (Day 9). Altogether, 14 people hiked along with Sue and me for various parts of Day 8. We greatly enjoyed their companionship.

Dinner 1

We celebrated a successful hiking day with dinner together at the Evergreen Cafe in Wrightwood. Here's Sue, Pam, Vicki, George, Natasha, Doug, and Ian at one table. Our group was so unexpectedly large that they had to call back in some of the day shift to help.

Dinner 2

Roberta, Adriano, Mike Werner (CSUN geology alumnus from Anchorage, Alaska, who provided car shuttle service on two different days), Marilyn, Diane, Bob, and Mike Werner's father (who came along with Mike to celebrate Father's Day in the mountains).

Dinner 3

Beige Berryman (USC graduate student), Taylor Anderson-McGill (CSUN ecology graduate student), and Stephanie Kyriazis (CSUN geology graduate student) joined us for dinner on Saturday night and for the hike on Sunday.

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