Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hiking on June 13 was on the Pacific Crest Trail, the Burkhart Trail, and the Angeles Crest Highway. Angeles Crest Highway (6,320 ft) near the junction with the road to Camp Glenwood - 2.1 mi - cross Angeles Crest Highway (6,735 ft) - 0.9 mi - Cloudburst Summit (7,018 ft) - 1.8 mi on road between Cloudburst Summit and Cooper Canyon Camp (Pacific Crest Trail is 2.6 mi) - Cooper Canyon Camp (6,220 ft) - 1.3 mi - waterfall (5,730 ft) - 1.4 mi - via Burkhart Trail to Burkhart Trailhead in Buckhorn Campground (6,470 ft) - 3.0 mi - via Buckhorn Campground roads and Angeles Crest Highway to Eagles Roost Picnic Area (6,660 ft). Total distance = 10.5 mi. General elevation gain = 1,628 feet. General elevation loss = 1,288 feet.

Geology included a small Precambrian gneiss roof pendant, intruded by Cretaceous Wilson Fm. (~122 Ma) quartz diorite, intruded by Upper Cretaceous (~90 Ma) leucocratic granite.

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Ready to Go

On Day 6 we had four hikers: Diane Phillips (CSUN alumnus, left-front), Gene Fritsche (left-rear), Pam Irvine (from the California Geological Survey in Los Angeles), and Sue Fritsche (taking the picture). There was a nice breeze and it was cooler than it had been on previous days.

On the Trail

The first segment of the Pacific Crest Trail followed an old dirt road, so there was plenty of room for Pam, Diane, and Sue to spread out. The forest also provided lots of shade.

Closure Map

At Cloudburst Summit we encountered an unforeseen obstacle. Part of the Pacific Crest Trail was closed because of the presence of the endangered Mountain Yellow-Legged Toad. Also because of the toad, the Angeles Crest Highway was closed just west of Eagle's Roost Picnic Area, rather than at Islip Saddle, as we had been told. Our plans for the day, therefore, had to be altered. We followed the Pacific Crest Trail into Cooper Canyon in order to see the falls, then came back up to the Angeles Crest Highway on the Burkhart Trail detour. We had to end our hike at Eagle's Roost Picnic Area because the shuttle car could go no farther.

Cooper Canyon

Cooper Canyon turned out to be a delightful place to hike. The trail followed along Cooper Creek, the first creek of any size that we had paralleled since the beginning of the hike. The creek provided lots of greenery to the scenery.

Creek Crossing

The Pacific Crest Trail crossed Cooper Creek just west of the falls. The water was low enough to allow boulder hopping across, so we didn't need to take off our shoes.

Lunch at Falls

Diane, Pam, and Sue enjoy the view at a perfect lunch spot. Cooper Creek Falls plunges over a resistant exposure of granite into a pool carved out of less resistant gneiss.

Pam Climbs

The only way to the base of the falls was down and up a rope tied onto a tree. Pam makes it look easy as we head back to the trail to continue the hike after lunch.

Burkhart Trail

The Burkhart Trail, presently being used as a detour for the Pacific Crest Trail, winds through shady groves of incense cedar and Jeffrey pine as it makes its way up to Buckhorn Campground.

Day's End

Because the day's hike was shortened by the extended road closure, we finished the day in good spirits after a great day of very nice mountain scenery.

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