Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hiking on June 10 began on the Santa Clara Divide Road (Forest Road 3N17), followed part of the Silver Moccasin Trail for a short distance, and finished on the Pacific Crest Trail. Mill Creek Summit Picnic Area (4,910 ft) - 3.3 mi - pass Forest Road 3N90 to Roundtop (6,200 ft) - 1.3 mi - pass trail to Pacifico Mountain (6,400 ft) - 3.2 mi - Alder Saddle (5,600 ft) - 0.7 mi - pass Forest Road 3N14 (5,760 ft) - 0.8 mi - pass road to Horse Flats (5,800 ft); along the last half of this hike segment from the Horse Flats road, watch for and switch over to the Silver Moccasin Trail along the south side of the road - 2.3 mi - Three Points (5,885 ft); switch to Pacific Crest Trail at Three Points - 1.9 mi - cross Angeles Crest Highway (6,320 ft) near the junction with the road to Camp Glenwood. Total distance = 13.5 mi. General elevation gain = 2,210 feet. General elevation loss = 800 feet.

Geology included Lowe Fm. (~220 Ma) porphyritic hornblende and biotite granodiorite, intruded by Upper Cretaceous (~90 Ma) leucocratic granite.

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Ready to Go

Here's the Day 5 crew ready to go. From left to right are Pam Irvine (from the California Geological Survey in Los Angeles), Barbara Hamilton (friend of Gene and Sue), Connie Hanstedt (hiking friend of Pam), and Gene. Barbara did not hike with us, but graciously provided the shuttle transportation for the day in her white Toyota Prius hybrid. While we hiked, she enjoyed the day in the mountains.

Mill Creek Summit

After climbing for a short time we could look back and see the Mill Creek Summit Ranger Station (in the center of the photo) from where we had started. In the background on the left is Mount Gleason. We started just behind Mount Gleason on the Day 4 hike.

On the Trail

We chose to hike along the Santa Clara Divide fire road for the first part of the day because it was much shorter than the route along the Pacific Crest Trail. Here's Pam, Connie, and Sue hiking along the road through a pine forest.

Trail Rubble

The Santa Clara Divide Road made a good hiking route, but was closed to vehicular travel for good reason. Sue and Pam maneuver their way through the boulders that have fallen on the road.


A grove of oak trees provided shade for our lunch stop. Connie waves away a few flies. We commonly needed insect repellent at lunch stops to keep the deer flies from biting. They were not a problem as long as we were hiking.

Road Gone

A short time after lunch and just before reaching Alder Saddle we discovered the main reason for why the Santa Clara Divide Road was closed to vehicular travel. Luckily we could walk around the slide without any problems.

Paved Road

The Santa Clara Divide Road east of Alder Saddle is paved and was open to vehicles. A few cars passed us and we scurried to the side of the road, but most of the time we enjoyed being able to spread out.

Silver Moccasin Trail

After a mile or so on the paved road, we spotted the Silver Moccasin Trail and switched over to it. The trail provided a little more shade than had the road.

Trail Sign

At Three Points the Silver Moccasin Trail joins the Pacific Crest Trail, and for the day's last couple of miles we were back on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Trail in Forest

Connie, Pam, and Sue hike along the Pacific Crest Trail in the forest near the end of the day's hike.

The End

Barbara was waiting for us at the end of a successful hike. We greatly appreciated Barbara's willingness to supply the shuttle vehicle for the day and we enjoyed the ride home.

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