Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Hiking on June 6, started on the Santa Clara Divide Road (Forest Road 3N17, unpaved) and finished on the Pacific Crest Trail. End of paved road below Magic Mountain (4,560 ft) - 2.9 mi - intersection with Backcountry Discovery Trail (Forest Road 4N37) (4,480 ft) - 4.4 mi - North Fork Saddle (4,210 ft); junction with Pacific Crest Trail, leave Santa Clara Divide Road and join Pacific Crest Trail - 2.0 mi - cross firebreak on ridgeline (5,395 ft) - 0.8 mi - trail parallels Santa Clara Divide Road at a ridgeline gap (5,425 ft) - 1.3 mi - pass Moody Canyon Road (5,320 ft) - 1.4 mi - Messenger Flats Camp (5,870 ft). Total distance = 12.8 mi. General elevation gain = 1,765 feet. General elevation loss = 455 feet.

Geology included Mendenhall Gneiss (~1.7 Ga) roof pendants, intruded by San Gabriel Anorthosite (~1.2 Ga) norite-gabbro, leucogabbro, anorthosite, and syenite.

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Norma Drove

Gene's sister, Norma, volunteered to drive us to the starting point on Tuesday, June 6, so that we could avoid a very long vehicle shuttle between the starting and ending points. In order to avoid the heat that we had experienced on the second day, we arrived at the starting point at Magic Mountain before sunrise. We appreciate Norma's willingness to take us to the starting point, especially at such an early morning hour.

Ready to Go

We were ready to start hiking along the Santa Clara Divide Road, shown behind us, by 5:45 a.m., before the sun had reached the horizon.

Mile 3

After traveling three miles, we reached the intersection with the Indian Canyon Road. The sun was still low and the shadows long.

Sue on Trail

Sue strides briskly along Santa Clara Divide Road, which is paved in some places, especially where it is going uphill or downhill.

North Fork

We passed the halfway point and arrived at North Fork Ranger Station well before noon. From this point on we were more in the forest, rather than in open chaparral country. Here at North Fork, we restocked our water supplies at the ranger station, left the Santa Clara Divide Road, and joined the Pacific Crest Trail.

North Fork

View of North Fork Saddle, the ranger station building, and a gray helicopter landing site on the right. Camping, picnicking, and restroom facilities are among the trees to the left of the ranger building. The Santa Clara Divide Road, along which we had come, cuts diagonally across the top of the mountain in the background.

Sue on Pacific Crest Trail

Sue hikes on the Pacific Crest Trail with Soledad Canyon in the background. Parts of the trail were steep, as shown here, but the temperature was not as high as it had been a few days earlier.

Lunch Time

We found a spot in the shade along the trail for lunch. We had already come about 8 miles, had only about 5 miles to go, and it still wasn't noon.

Trail in Forest

View of the Pacific Crest Trail as it winds its way through a live oak and big cone spruce forest. Places like this were nice and shady.

Trail and Magic Mtn.

View of the Pacific Crest Trail as it climbs up to Messenger Flats. The mountain on the left (with two towers on top) is Magic Mountain where we started the hike in the morning.

Pacific Crest Trail sign

These are the signs that mark the Pacific Crest Trail and keep you from getting lost wherever the PCT Trail crosses a road or another trail.

Messenger Flats Campground

We arrived at Messenger Flats Campground at 1:45 p.m. after our 12.8 mile hike for the day. It was cool and peaceful among the tall ponderosa pine trees in the camp.

Sue Naps

Our ride home had not yet arrived, so we both laid down on the picnic table benches and took a short nap.

Sandy Arrives

Sandy Jewett, retired CSUN Chemistry Professor, volunteered to pick us up at the end of the day. She arrived at Messenger Flats soon after our arrival and before long we were on our way home. We appreciate Sandy's generosity in taking time from her schedule to pick us up.

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