Friday, June 2, 2006

Hiking on June 2 was all on a paved portion of the Santa Clara Divide Road. County Fire Camp #9 (3,800 ft) - 3.8 mi - Bear Divide (2,760 ft); turn left on Sand Canyon Road - 0.1 mi - turn right on continuation of Santa Clara Divide Road to Magic Mountain (2,700 ft) - 6.5 mi - end of pavement on Santa Clara Divide Road below Magic Mountain (4,560 ft). Total distance = 10.4 mi. General elevation gain = 1,860 feet. General elevation loss = 1,100 feet.

Geology includes Mesozoic Placerita Fm. gneiss roof pendants, intruded by Mesozoic Rubio Fm. hornblende diorite-gabbro (amphibolite), intruded by Cretaceous Wilson Fm. (~122 Ma) quartz diorite, intruded by Upper Cretaceous (~90 Ma) leucocratic granite, San Gabriel fault zone, Mendenhall Gneiss (~1.7 Ga), intruded by San Gabriel Anorthosite (~1.2 Ga) norite-gabbro, leucogabbro, ferro-gabbro, anorthosite, and syenite, Lonetree fault.

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Ready To Start

The hike on June 2 began at Los Angeles County Fire Camp 9. From here it followed the Santa Clara Divide Road eastward toward Magic Mountain (the mountain, not the amusement park).

San Fernando Valley

Morning views of the San Fernando Valley from the vicinity of Fire Camp 9 were clearer than they had been the afternoon before. This photo is looking southeastward across the San Fernando Valley and the Santa Monica Mountains are visible in the background. The lake in the center of the picture is the Van Norman Reservoir, which is just west of Balboa Blvd.

California Condor

About a mile from the start of the day's hike we were treated to a real thrill as a California Condor landed along the road in front of us. We were able to walk to within about 15 yards of it before it took off.

Condor Flying

After it took off, it was joined by a second one, and the two of them circled the area for a long time. Note that the white color on the under side of the wings is toward the front part of the wing, whereas in the Turkey Vulture, the white part of the underside of the wing is on the trailing edge.

Route to Magic Mountain

The highest mountain in the background is Magic Mountain, our destination at the end of the day. It looks pretty far away, doesn't it? Note that the vegetation is almost all chaparral; shade trees were few and far between.

Very Hot Day

The sun was bright, the air temperature was hot, the pavement was hot, and the rocks were hot. It was not the most perfect day and place for hiking. The rocks in the roadcut are Quaternary alluvial fan deposits that have since been uplifted along with the San Gabriel Mountains and almost eroded away.

Sue Resting

Sue takes a well deserved rest in the shade at Bear Divide.

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