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In these difficult times we are all faced with delivering more work from fewer resources. How can we help? In a word - effectiveness. Our theme, New Insights in Historic Areas, conveys an idea of getting more oil and gas from existing fields and basins but, as Wallace Pratt reminded us in 1952, that oil is first found in our minds. And the more ideas and information our mind is exposed to, the better it will be at recognizing new and innovative applications to existing puzzles - your puzzles. So send your people to the 2009 Pacific Section AAPG, SEPM and SEG Annual Meeting in Ventura, May 2-6. We will expose them to innovative thinking and show them a really good time, facilitating the application of new ideas with greater enthusiasm. Better yet, bring them. Network, stimulate your mind and enjoy the Pacific Coast at Ventura.

Preceding the meeting you may compare separate turbidite systems on two field trips; Cretaceous Turbidites in outcrop and Pliocene Turbidites in outcrop coupled with a Core Workshop. Or on Sunday, board the Condor Express with your family to view Offshore Oil Seeps and do some Whale Watching in Santa Barbara Channel. After the meeting take a hike with Fritsche and Reid to examine some Unique Sedimentary Environments.

San Miguelito Anticline Eocene Turbidites Sespe Outcrop

From oil, gas and hydrogeology through climate change, stratigraphy and turbidite systems, Gene Fritsche has assembled robust oral and poster technical sessions capped with an invited session from the Texas Bureau of Economic Geology and a panel discussion on the California offshore. In addition, short courses will cover wireline logging and core analysis, an education seminar for teachers and school administrators and a course on energy related investment strategies. Technical sessions are surrounded by exhibits, affording easy access to both and a convenient place to visit between papers.

Oil Pump Modelo Turbidite Modelo folds

Social activities take advantage of our coastal location with a bike ride to Ojai, a cooking class at the Ojai Culinary Institute, a barbecue at Ventura Yacht Club in the harbor and a coastal train trip for lunch and shopping in Santa Barbara. Ed Magdaleno always puts out a great spread at the Ice Breaker Sunday evening as he will for receptions and a Cinco de Mayo dinner and tequila tasting on Tuesday evening.

Bike Ride Ventura Harbor Train Trip

New this year will be a convention concierge, concurrently occurring Ventura Music Festival events including world renowned jazz trumpeter Chris Botti, and a wind-up breakfast buffet available to all and hosted for those spending Tuesday night at the Marriott. All this plus the price is right!

Please join us in a really great place for a lot of fun and new information everywhere.

Tom Hopps

General Chair

CGS Logo Coast Geological Society, our host, welcomes you to Ventura and will be working hard to make this an exciting and memorable Convention.

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