Aristophanes (446?–385? B.C.), son of Philippos, was born in the city of Athens, a member of the political deme of Kydathenaion. The dates of his birth and death are unknown, but may be surmised from the fact that his first play, the no-longer extant Banqueters appeared in 427 B.C. (and won Second Prize), at a time when Aristophanes is referred to as having been 'very young'. His last play, the Plutus, appeared in 388 B.C., though two plays were in manuscript at his death and were subsequently produced by his son Araros. Thus, his life certainly included the years 445-388 B.C. Forty-four plays were collected by the Alexandrian scholars under his name, though four of them were thought to be (and certainly were) by others. Of the forty authentic plays, eleven survive.

Banqueters 427, ? Dionysia Second Prize
Babylonians 426, Dionysia .
Acharnians 425, Lenaia First Prize
Hippeis (Knights) 424, Lenaia First Prize
Clouds 423, Dionysia Third Prize
Wasps 422, Lenaia Second Prize
Proagon 422, Lenaia .
Peace 421, Dionysia Second Prize
Birds 414, Lenaia Second Prize
Lysistrata 411, ? Dionysia .
Thesmophoriazusae 411 .
Ploutos (Wealth) 408 .
Frogs 405, Lenaia First Prize
Ekklesiazusae 392 .
Ploutos II 388 .
Kokalos (posthumous) .
Aiolosikon (posthumous) .
Daidalos Georgoi Gerytades (ca. 410 ?)
Danaidai Horai Tagenistai
Women of Lemnos Thesmophoriazusae II Triphades
Dramata (Centaur) . .

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