Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound



  • (1) How many principal actors does a producer need to hire to put on this play? (absolute minimum, with doubling of parts)

  • (2) How does the play (a play) begin? (curtain, entrances, stage setting, etc.)?

  • (3) What is the symbolic meaning of the presence of KRATOS (power) and BIA (viuolence) in the Prologue (and only the prologue)?

  • (4) Who is the "Protagonist" in the play? How much of the time does he spend on the stage?

  • (5) What part(s) does the "Deuteragonist" play?

  • (6) Who is the Chorus? When do they enter? How long do they stay on stage?


  • (7) How does Hephaestus feel about the situation in which he finds himself?

  • (8) How does Hermes feel about his situation (in the middle of the play)?

  • (9) How does the Chorus feel about Prometheus and his quarrel with Zeus?

  • (10) Why doesn't Zeus appear on stage? He is, after all, the figure that all obey and speak about!

  • (11) Why is Prometheus so stubborn (and stupid ?), as so many characters accuse him of being? Is this a `character flaw'?

  • (12) What are the claims made by Prometheus for sympathy from the Chorus? Are they the same claims as he might use for clemency from Zeus?

  • (13) Why is Io a character in the play at all? What does her appearance add to the situation, the ideas, the conflict?

January 26, 2010 9:19 AM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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