First Greek appearances in the Levant, at a place they called Poseideion in what is now Syria, near the ancient town of Al Mina (Ugarit) and the later town Laodicea.
Traditional date of the founding of the OLYMPIAN GAMES (also founded by Pelops, the great-grandfather of Agamemnon, by Heracles, and by Lycurgus the semi-mythical regent of Sparta). The earliest winners are from Pisa, Elis and the neighborhood of the northwest Peloponnesus.
First colonizing ventures, to the west (Ischia). Cumae founded.
The life-archonship in Athens is made decennial. There were seven aristocratic holders (Eupatridai) of the office. The office became annual in 683. Basileus, Polemarchos, Archon, 6 Thesmothetai
Homer (in western Asia Minor, Turkey) Hesiod (in Boeotia, central Greece) Foundation of Naxos (on island of Sicily) Foundation of Corcyra (Corfu)
First War between the Spartans and the Messenian Kingdom (semi-mythical). A Second Messenian War and a Third Messenian War (ca. 700-635, on and off) are historical
Surviving examples of `hoplite armor' (Argos) [A. Snodgrass, The Arms and Armour of the Greeks (London 1967), and Archaeology and the Rise of the Greek State (Cambridge 1977)].
LELANTINE WAR, over a plain on the island of Euboea, desired both by Eretria and Chalcis, two neighboring towns (Miletus and Eretria, and Samos and Chalcis on opposite sides: first real naval war, international alliances across the Aegean. Samos seems to have invaded or raided Aegina, which was a natural enemy of Corinth. The tyrants of Corinth, from ca. 650, the Cypselids [Cypselus and Peridander] were later allied with Miletus) Discussed by the historians Herodotus and Thucydides. See A.R. Burn, The Lyric Age of Greece.
King Midas in Phrygia (Lydia) King Gyges of Lydia (678-652) Oldest surviving piece of writing in Greek alphabet BATTLE OF HYSIAE, between Sparta and Argos. Sparta lost. Assurbanipal, King of Assyria Battle at sea between Corinth and Corcyra CONSPIRACY OF CYLON in Athens, with aid from his father-in-law heagenes, who was tyrant of Megara. FIRST ATHENIAN WRITTEN LAW CODE compiled by Drakon (Draco). FALL OF NINEVEH (Assyrian capital) to Cyaxares, king of Media, and Nabopolassar, king of Babylon The invention of coinage, in Lydia in the kingdom of Alyattes. SOLON: archonship and nomothesia
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