FLIT 480 (Greek and Roman Literature)


I'd like everybody to take a look at two particular web sites:

STAGEIRA   and   YouTube

This site reports the recent discoveries and excavations which have brought to light parts of the ancient Greek polis called Stageira, which was Aristotle's home town, though not necessarily where he was born or grew up. Where is Stagira, relative to the rest of Greek civilization? What was the social context in which Stageira existed?

The ruins of ancient Stageira, birthplace of Aristotle
The ruins of ancient Stageira

Also, you might find it useful to read Aristotle's


prepared by scholars at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). What did Aristotle's father do, for example? Where did the family live as Aristotle was growing up? Where did Aristotle go to school? What were Aristotle's contacts in the Kingdom of Macedonia, and in the polis of Athens?

There is no particular due date for this.


June 5, 2009 10:39 AM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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