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FLIT 424: "Analysis of major Greek and Roman plays as literature and as works for the Theater (same as English 424). Conducted in English." Credit can be obtained either for FLIT or for ENGL.
Spring 200x
MW 11:00 a.m.
Dr. John P. Adams
435 Sierra Tower
677-3459; 677-3467


  • Aristophanes, Four Plays by Aristophanes (translated by William Arrowsmith)
  • Greek Tragedies, Volume I (ed. D. Grene) [U. Chicago, paperback)
  • Greek Tragedies, Volume II (ed. D. Grene) [U. Chicago, paperback)
  • Greek Tragedies, Volume III (ed. D. Grene) [U. Chicago, paperback)
  • Seneca, Four Tragedies and the Octavia (tr. Watling) [Penguin paperback]
  • Plautus, Four Comedies (ed. & tr. E. Segal) [OUP NACS paperback]
  • Alan H. Sommerstein, Greek Drama and Dramatists (NY: Routledge 2002) [paperback]


  • A midterm examination, of approximately fifty minutes, scheduled for the 8th week of the class. This exam will test all material assigned and/or discussed in lectures during the first seven weeks of the course, including by not necessarily limited to short ID's and a short essay. There will be choices of topic and of ID's. 20%

  • A final examination, scheduled for approximately one and one half hours, at the time (in early May) scheduled by the Administration and announced in the Course Schedule book. The final will test in greater depth the material covered subsequent to the eighth week of the course. The exam is not 'comprehensive', but some material from the first seven weeks may be relevant and may be included. Various question-forms may appear, including True-False, fill-in-the-blanks, multiple choice, identification of passages from the readings of the ancient texts, and (of course) essays. 30%

  • A first paper, on a topic of Greek tragedy, of approximately 8-10 pages. Additional directions will be given in class and via a handout. This will be due in final form at the time of the midterm. 20%

  • A second paper, on a topic of Comedy or Roman Tragedy, of at least 10 pages. Additional directions will be given in class and via a handout. This will be due in final form at the time of the final exam. 30%

The Instructor uses the +/- system in grading.

GOALS of this course


The rules of the Department of Modern & Classical Languages and Literatures require attendance at every class. If the student misses more than three classes (without an excused absence) the instructor is entitled to reduce the final grade one step. A sign-up sheet will be passed around at every meeting, and it is the student's responsibility to sign-in. Absence may be excused, if the student presents a written explanation and any evidence relevant to an excuse (Doctor's note, employer's note, garage bill, traffic ticket, etc.). Acting as a chauffeur to or from LAX is NOT considered a valid excuse. The student is responsible for keeping track of their own absences.


In addition to the textbooks (above), materials and assignments are provided through the Internet (World Wide Web). These can be found by clicking the appropriate buttons at the left side of this screen.


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