FLIT 424 (Greek and Roman Drama)

Internet Assignment:

I'd like everybody to take a look at a particular web site:

DIDASKALIA: stagecraft

This is part of a larger site, which you may also explore,


With the first link, what I'd like you to do is get a general feel for the physical appearance of the Greek theater. This reconstruction is as good as any I have seen. Take notes for use in class, as we discuss the structure and functioning of a Greek play.

You can do this assignment on a home computer that has Netscape, Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Opera, Safari, or Mozilla Foxfire, or you may work in the Barbara L. Ward Language Center (Jerome Richfield 316: open 8-5 M-Th and Friday until 1).

There is no particular due date for this, but do it soon.


May 14, 2009 10:56 AM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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