The purpose of assessment is NOT to review the professor or to do a 'course evaluation'. Those tasks are carried out by other means at other times (the 'Course Evaluation'). The purpose of this effort is to find out how well each student learned, in other words, how well you achieved the goals of the course. In assessment, we are interested in:
Using the email system, please write the professor a note (Put the words FLIT 150 ASSESS in your subject line), answering each of the following questions as best you can. This is NOT an optional assignment. An email answer is expected from each and every person registered in the course.
  1. Did you use "Virtual Office Hours"? (Sending the Professor email questions)? Did you find it useful?
  2. Did you use regular-style office hours (in-person interviews)? How many times? Which did you prefer?
  3. Did you find useful the emails the Professor sent you about internet materials and about upcoming quizzes and exams?

Send your email response to

January 26, 2013 8:36 PM

John Paul Adams, CSUN

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