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What's Involved in Becoming an Intern?

After completing English 407 with a grade of B or better, you are eligible for the 3-unit Intern program. Different sponsors--many of them former students and English interns--are interested in working with you.

Where Do Interns Work? What Do they Do?

Interns work 12-14 hours per week, on site. Sponsors are usually flexible about arranging times. Some positions offer pay, but most do not. Students should remember that don't get paid for going to class generally, and that what they get out of a good internship is more valuable than money.

What Do Students Get Out of An Internship?

Besides three untis of elective credit, they get a chance to test their writing skills in the work world. They begin to compile a portfolio of work to show future employers. They try out areas of possible career interest at no risk and minimal expense. They often get full-time jobs at good salaries directly through their internships. Former interns are now working as film producers, as technical writers and editors, and in public relations and advertising.

I Plan to go to Graduate School or to Teach. What Does the Intern Program Have to Offer Me?

Two things. Valuable skills and information to pass along to your own students. And an introduction to career alternatives in case you change your mind later about teaching.

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