Questions and Answers About English 407

Can I Take the Writing Course, 407, Without Doing the Internship?

Yes, the internship is not a requirement. The techniques learned in the writing course will benefit students in other college courses and especially in the business world, where excellent writing skills are both needed and rare.

Who is Eligible to Take English 407?

Any junior or senior who can already write reasonably well--a strong B level at least. Most students are English majors, however, the program is open to any good writer. In fact, a number of non-English majors have found the course to be valuable in college and in their careers.

How Do I Enroll?

The course in restricted. Call or e-mail the Program Director, Dr. Joel Athey for an interview.

Why is the Course Restricted?

All of the students who enter the 407 class should be capable of entering the Intern Program, and the Interns must perform on a professional level of competence in the "real world" where anything less than good work--"B" work--is useless. The course is not intended for those who want to brush up on their skills, but for those who are already skilled writers and want to become professionally competitive.

What Kind of Writing Does English 407 Involve?

There are elements of journalism, public relations, business writing, and technical writing involved, but it's a mistake to think of course in terms of mastering a subject area. Rather, it involves learning to think of writing as solving problems and presenting solutions.

How can I Learn More about English 407?

The Program's founder, Dr. Anthony Arthur provides a written overview of the course for new students. Click the highlighted text below to read an edited version online.

The Overview

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